Days Gone By

A Horrible Death to a Horrible Man

From their EPK, "Days Gone By" deals thematically with love and loss and reflects personal […]
April 28, 2023
A Horrible Death to a Horrible Man - Days Gone By album cover

From their EPK, "Days Gone By" deals thematically with love and loss and reflects personal experiences, which most humans experience in their lifetime. The songs describe the challenges, frustrations, feeling of powerlessness and downright sorrow that emerges, when love and humans dear to you are challenged or lost in the whirlwind of life. These circumstances are described from the now and thus provide a retrospective reflection over those days now gone, moving on with those memories as an integral part of one's being." The album has six songs.

"Other" is the first track. The music is thick and heavy, but the vocals are clean and depressive. It drones on for what seems like an endless month of grey skies and melancholy feelings. As is common in the genre, there isn't a lot of shifting gears. "Too Soon" is another heavy song that weighs on your soul. The slow riff crushes you a little at a time, and the vocal drone reminds you of everything you have lost in this life. If you think about it too much, it could drive you insane. "First Light" begins with clean tones that segue into a rich bed of harmonious rhythm guitars, built in layers of desolation. It slows to let the feelings of hopelessness sink in. The thick sound roars back after the half-way mark, capturing nothingness in a bottle.

"Fails" is perhaps a reminder of all the things that went wrong in your life. The clean guitars and vocals stamp out any feelings of hope. The pain drags on with a dull feeling like a headache that just won't go away. "Days Gone By" gives you a feeling of nostalgia, but not a positive one. It's like a voice in your head that is constantly reminding you that your best days are in fact in the past. "Love is pain" the vocalist says over and over until you are convinced he is right. "Breathe" closes the album. Seemingly endless tones of sadness abound. "You're on your own" the vocalist tells you matter of factly. The sadness is compounded when the distorted riff kicks in, and they drive that feeling home.

Overall, this was indeed an album about love and loss. The clean vocals do a wonderful job of stirring up painful feelings of your past...of things that you thought you had put behind you a long time ago. They are not only brought back to the surface, but they also pour the proverbial salt into the wounds to make them hurt even more.

7 / 10









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"Days Gone By" Track-listing:

1. Other
2. Too Soon
3. First Light
4. Fails
5. Days Gone By
6. Breathe

A Horrible Death to a Horrible Man Lineup:

Peter Strange - Guitar & Vocals
Jesper Hesselbech - Guitar
Nick Ebert - Bass
Christian Lee - Drums

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