It's not uncommon for a band to shorten their name as often it can be […]
By MarcusTheRocker
April 25, 2015
A.D.D. - Core album cover

It's not uncommon for a band to shorten their name as often it can be easier to pronounce as can you imagine having to refer to them by their full title all the time especially if it's a long one? It would sure be a mouthful wouldn't it so therefore by shortening your name down, it's easier for people to refer to you. I bring this up because the subject of today's review are just one of those bands who are back with their second album and their name is A.D.D..

The full title for this band is ANALOG DIGITAL DISORDER and their name album "Core" has been out for a few months now since January this year so it's better late then never I suppose for my review of this CD. Formed in 2007, A.D.D. are a 4 piece Hard Rock band from Chicago, IL in the USA and they have toured and played with the likes of KORN, CHEVELLE, SEVENDUST, ALTER BRIDGE and one of my favorite bands HALESTORM to name but many others and they have also played at a few prestigious venues in their hometown which include the legendary House of Blues amongst a few others. The bio of the band says they are female fronted but from a personal perspective, you never get that impression when you listen as the singer sounds more male then female but is that necessarily a bad thing? Let's find out.

The new CD "Core" is 10 new heavy Hard Rock songs spanning a total of around 36 minutes playtime and upon first listens, this is quite an enjoyable release to play. Why? The melodies are just right for a record of this type, the guitar work is nice and heavy, the mixing is very good for a Hard Rock CD and there is plenty of clarity in the music meaning you get to enjoy the songs whether it's a heavy hitter such as "I Regret", "Hear Me Now", "Nightmare", and "Damn Thing" or whether it's a nice and slow but still enjoyable number such as "Was My Life" and "So Much".

Any niggles or complaints? I did say the mixing was well done for a record of this type but occasionally the music can be a bit hit and miss depending on the song and the same is said for the vocals as sometimes it can be a bit hard to make out the lyrics but don't let these tiny issues put you off as they are only small minute problems which shouldn't stop you from appreciating the music as for the most part this is an enjoyable record to listen to.

Bottom line, A.D.D. may sound more like a male fronted band then a female fronted one but they have been able to make a very enjoyable hard rock record which you will be able to appreciate and enjoy when you listen to it especially if you look past or ignore the issues I addressed above as this is definitely one to check out, crank loud and enjoy as you listen to it.

8 / 10


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"Core" Track-listing:

1. I Regret
2. Not My Way
3. Hear My Now
4. Was My Life
5. Damn Thing
6. So The Pain
7. Nightmare
8. Nothing Left
9. So Much
10. Blank

A.D.D. Lineup:

Margaret Young (a.k.a Matilda Moon) - Vocals
Jeremy Sparta - Vocals & Guitars
Dave Adams - Guitars
Jason Delismon - Drums

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