A Blind Man's Dream


I have a thing for concept albums, especially Prog Rock / Metal oriented concepts. 81DB […]
By Fede "FedeRock" Taich
October 14, 2013
81dB - A Blind Man's Dream album cover

I have a thing for concept albums, especially Prog Rock / Metal oriented concepts. 81DB describe themselves as a mixture of Rock and Metal band, but they're definitely a Prog band I would tell you that.

Their new album, "A Blind Man's Dream", is a spectacular musical journey that every Prog and Alternative Metal fan would love to take part in. 81DB invites to a journey of musical styles from FAITH NO MORE to DREAM THEATER and even Frank Zappa fans will have a feast over this one. With songs like "Manicomium" and "Sirens" that are complex and epic pieces with bouzouki sections (Possibly ORPHANED LAND influence). On the other hand, it is pretty obvious that the band's FAITH NO MORE influence garnered them a lot of humor and fun along with the perfectionism and the complexity of the music. There are plenty of odd time signatures, twists and turns from various of styles, which can cause a little off the rails kind of journey, like losing yourself in the crowd. However, I couldn't stop listening wondering what would be coming next. "When The Cat's Away" is an emphasis on the groovier Metal within their ranks. This attribution was also done great, what a team of musicians. Their shifts appeared so natural; nothing appeared to be planning beforehand, no calculations. There aren't that many bands that can do the same. On the other hand, this one can be a hard listener for close minded people or for those that like a band that is constant with its music.

"A Blind Man's Dream" a large variety of music styles I admire, and it was done with style with a certain uniqueness even though the influences are obvious. The self-titled and closing song is yet picture of greatness with an awesome build up. In conclusion, it turned to be a great album. Prog fans will dig it for sure, but I am not that convinced if the average Metal or Rock fans will be attending the picket line for this release due to its "all over the place" features, yet only time will tell.

8 / 10


"A Blind Man's Dream" Track-listing:

1. Manicomium
2. Sirens
3. When The Cat's Away
4. Vanessa's Vox
5. House Rules
6. Food For Thoughts
7. Electroshock
8. Alien Invasion
9. insane Wishes
10. The Great Escape
11. A Blind Man's Dream 

81dB Lineup:

Filippo Capursi -  Drums
Kostas Ladopoulos -  Guitars, Bouzouki and Additional Vocals
William Costello - Vocals
Vieri Pestelli - Bass

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