Maximum Rock N' Roll


77 was founded by Valeta brothers so they would fulfill their dream of living their […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
October 24, 2013
77 - Maximum Rock N' Roll album cover

77 was founded by Valeta brothers so they would fulfill their dream of living their musical passion at full volume. With Dolphin & Raw as powerful groove rhythm section 77 reflects the ideology and musical concept of the 70's. You can feel their passion for that era in every note on their release.

"Maximum Rock `n` Roll" is their third release, coming two years after their highly successful album "High Decibels". The album was recorded at Gutter View Recorders, in Stockholm and was produced by Fred Etsby and Nicke Andersson, and mastered by Hoffe at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm.

All you need to know about this album can be learned from its title. It`s all the way pure 70`s Rock N' Roll, a boogie based Hard Rock with lot of parallels to AC/DC and STATUS QUO every now and then.

There are typical 77 fashion songs such as "Down and Dirty" or "Stay Away From the Water". The band tries to expand their sound, and "Jazz It Up" and "Don`t You Scream" are good examples of that, quite different tracks from the rest of the album. Also you can hear lead guitarist LG on vocals for the first time on "You Bore Me".

If you`re a fan of good old fashioned Rock N' Roll sound of the 70`s, this is the record you shouldn`t skip on. As for the rest, the album doesn`t bring much innovation, though it`s nicely produced, with some great riffs and solos, and pretty cool drum work and funky bass. 

7 / 10


"Maximum Rock N' Roll" Track-listing:

1. Maximum Rock`n Roll
2. Don`t You Scream
3. Down and Dirty
4. Highway Rebel
5. Jazz It Up
6. Stay Away from Water
7. You Bore Me
8. Take Me or Leave Me
9. Virtually Good
10. 16 Years Old King

77 Lineup:

Armand Valeta - Vocals and Guitar
LG Valeta - Lead Guitar
Dolphin - Drums
Raw - Bass

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