3 Headed Monster


In a time that Gonzilla, Roda and Mothra ruled the world and attacked Japan, a […]
By Yiannis Zervos
October 25, 2007
3HM - 3 Headed Monster album cover

In a time that Gonzilla, Roda and Mothra ruled the world and attacked Japan, a new monster fall from the sky into a meteorite. Gidorah (or Ghidrah), the three headed monster, had a difficult job against the other three giant guys that teamed up against him. Finally, they drove Gidorah off and the princess from the planet Selgina returned home. If you watch Japanese movies you know what the hell I'm talking about, surely four friends from New England know, because they decided to combine their love for giant monster movies with their passion for heavy metal music and formed the instrumental band 3HM (3 Headed Monster).
On the 23rd of November 3HM's first and self titled 3 Headed Monster album will hit the stores. After the buzz of their first sold-out EP All Out Attack!! with instrumental power/thrash/death/prog/heavy/true metal (as they call it), they decided that there is no need for a singer. Maybe wordless music to some people is boring; maybe the absence of a self centered dude called 'a singer', will make 3HM more focused on playing and kickin' ass.
The album has all the kinds of metal, from power melodic riffs with dual guitar shreds to slowest chord changes, then to dark classical guitar sounds, then back to progressive rhythm rests and finally to PANTERA-like outbreaks. The solid rhythm section of Paul Muise on bass and AK45 (what kind of name is that?) on drums gives the freedom to the 6-string masters Chris Kessaris (is this a Greek last name?) and Chris Cecchini to create melodic riffs, never ending shreds and dual harmonic solos with tapping or extreme picking.
In and between the songs you can hear quotes from old movies, it is a way for 3HM to transport the listener to the catastrophic scene of Gidorah and the panic of humans at the sight of three flesh eating heads. The song The Beats Of Odo Island is a tribute to Gonzilla the real beast of Odo Island.
If metal of any kind is your thing you should try the instrumental way of 3HM.

7 / 10


"3 Headed Monster" Track-listing:

Perfect Plex
The Beast Of Odo Island
Ultimate Rage
Bloodbath II
Ides Of March
Bitter End
Engines Of AKI

3HM Lineup:

Chris Kessaris - Rhythm, lead guitars
Paul Muise - Bass
AK45 - Drums
Chris Cecchini - Rhythm, lead guitars

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