Our Fault

2 Wolves

2 WOLVES is a Gothic Metal band from South Karelia, Finland. Since their formation in […]
March 19, 2019
2 Wolves - ...Our Fault album cover

2 WOLVES is a Gothic Metal band from South Karelia, Finland. Since their formation in 2010, the band has released three studio albums. With elements from melodic death metal and doom metal, and inspiration from Finnish melancholy and nature, 2 WOLVES create their sound. '''Our Fault" is the band's fourth studio album, and contains nine tracks.

"Unwritten Names" opens with a slow moving and sad riff, with feelings of desolation. The clean vocals are melancholic, as they often sound in the genre. The chorus is fairly big though the guitar sound thins out a bit. The harsh vocals bring some variation to the sound which is nice. "Strange Patterns" starts out even slower, with doleful strings and some dark and depressing acoustical guitars. When the main sound hits, it's wonderful, akin to country-mates SWALLOW THE SUN. The Death vocals are absolutely bone crushing and the guitars dance in and around them with expertise. Around the half way mark, pretty piano notes grace the song.

"Of Storm and Stars" opens with a bombastic doomy quality...deep and dark, with heavy Death vocals that seem to rip into your core. The dual cleans in the chorus bring the song a bit out of the depths of blackness into shades of grey, but it is again drowned shortly thereafter. "Regret" is a soft and short instrumental piece of acoustical guitars and some light programming, seguing into "Dreaming Beneath." Following a ferocious opening riff, there is a brief acoustic pause before the punishment returns. The riff moves back and forth, creating that longing that you often only hear from Finnish metal.

"Departures and Arrivals" opens with hopeful acoustical guitars, promoting an alluring melody. When the main riff hits, it hits hard, with a depressing sound. "Blame" is another short track that helps break up the hard stuff, but even with clean vocals, it's every bit as depressing as the other songs. "Tuhat Kertaa" hits hard from the opening, with a stalwart riff and an ominous tone. Sung in their native language, it's a glimpse of something personal. Pretty piano notes seem to descend from nowhere, adding a fragility to the sound. "The Fault is Ours" closes the album. It's a slow, grinding song that crushes you fatally with its weight, and with its message. The harsh vocals some with a cadence that is mesmerizing and the clean acoustic relief is a nice way to break up some of the heaviness presented. It ends with a longing that is quite hard to describe.

Like SWALLOW THE SUN, 2 WOLVES are very effective at pushing that doomy, Death Metal along with more ambient and atmospheric moments, with piano notes that are like a white rose growing in the pit of hell. The more Gothic side of the album can be heard as well, especially when considering the vocals, but I liken them more as Melodic Death/Doom Metal. In the end, labels don't matter anyway, it's a fantastic peek into a world of doom and gloom that you might not be ready to face.

8 / 10









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"Our Fault" Track-listing:

1. Unwritten Names
2. Strange Patterns
3. Of Storm and Stars
4. Regret
5. Dreaming Beneath
6. Departures and Arrivals
7. Blame
8. Tuhat Kertaa
9. The Fault is Ours

2 Wolves Lineup:

Ilkka Valkonen - Vocals
Jere Pennanen - Guitar
Petri Määttä - Guitar
Sami Simpanen - Bass
Niko Pennanen - Drums, Programming

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