The Art Of Commitment

15 Reasons

Pop Metal band 15 REASONS are back and have released their third studio album "The […]
By James Dean
March 27, 2014
15 Reasons - The Art Of Commitment album cover

Pop Metal band 15 REASONS are back and have released their third studio album "The Art Of Commitment". These Belgian lads provide us with more Hard Rock songs that will no doubt be enjoyed to an extent by the majority of Rock and Metal listeners, having something for everyone. The album artwork reflects the timbre of the music within, bright and clear with the natural element signifying the harshness of Metal.

Their instrumental track with the same name as the album "The Art Of Commitment" is a ten minute wonder, full off enthralling guitar solos, an ongoing rhythm that is undeniably Metal and an overall riveting sound which is reminiscent of METALLICA's "Orion" to some degree. A few other choice cuts are "Worm Inside" with its steady Rock beat and "Alyson Wonderland" despite its decadent sections, both just flow successfully with me.

I couldn't make a reasonable conclusion due to an ambivalent state of mind, some of the content is phenomenal, but the emergent state can greatly differ. Nicholas Bryin has some powerful vocal techniques yet falls a bit on occasion and becomes too whiny. But I do notice similarities vocally between himself and influential singer Corey Taylor whilst within similar styled band STONE SOUR.

"The Art Of Commitment" is worth a listen to at the very least, despite it being low down on the Metal spectrum personally. Fundamentally it has a decent Metal atmosphere yet is rather light hearted musically which puts me off. It is packed full of gripping guitar solos and can be an exhilarating listen if one is in a correct mood.

8 / 10


"The Art Of Commitment" Track-listing:

1. Damage Done
2. N.B.M.A
3. Humans Are Pollution
4. Around Me
5. The End Of Everything
6. Darkest Days Of Our Lives
7. Alyson Wonderland
8. Mirror Mirror
9. Broken Zero
10. Worm Inside
11. The Art Of Commitment
12. Damage Done (Radio Edit)

15 Reasons Lineup:

Valéry Granson - Guitars
Fred Werner - Drums
Nicholas Bryin - Vocals / Bass

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