Wolf at Club Monster (2010)

Club Monster (Gavle, Sweden)

Sometimes it's amazing to see how fast information can be spread nowadays. This WOLF concert […]
By Erika Wallberg
April 2, 2010

Sometimes it's amazing to see how fast information can be spread nowadays. This WOLF concert was confirmed just a few days before the happening and still, quite a lot of people showed up. It's really great to see there's still support for real Metal in Gavle. Well, the show really was booked months ago but since then the night club lost their alcohol permit and was closed for a while since, the owners was charged with fraud and the ups and downs have been many. It's great that Club Monster is back and it's good to have everything back to normal again. Despite the size of the crowd the event turned out really nice. It's much better to have all the people in the venue participating in the concert rather than a packed place and the main focus on the bar. This was exactly how it turned out; there was some sing along, fist waving and headbanging.

This was the first concert for me at new Club Monster, the stage has been remodeled and now actually allows the band to move on it with out any major risk to hit the people in the front line or their band members with their instruments. I don't know if that's valid for WOLF though, the way Yxan and Modden swishes around behind Nicke it's amazing they get through the show without any injuries. Throughout the entire set it was constant movement, poses and that is always fun to watch. Sure, that is common when it's a WOLF concert and all that can be added is, yes, they did it again. The greatest thing with WOLF though is the set of material they've put together over the years. Mixing it up a bit sure creates one hell of a live set. It's really easy to give everything to songs like "I Will Kill Again", "Hail Caesar", "Genocide" and "Evil Star". A sore neck is normally the outcome after a WOLF concert, again nothing different with this show.

Even if the place wasn't packed it was a very nice evening, the beer was flowing and that it slipped down as easy as it did had a lot to do with WOLF. A great performance from an amazing band tends to do that. With this new layout of the venue the sound has improved a lot too. It's still loud but it's still possible to make out everything going on on stage.

WOLF setlist:

1. "Speed On"
2. "The Bite"
3. "I Will Kill Again"
4. "Hail Caesar"
5. "Electric Raga"
6. "Curse you Salem"
7. "Voodoo"
8. "Genocide"
9. "Evil Star"
10. "Venom"
11. "In The Shadow"

(photos by ravenous Erika)


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