Weedeater, Zeke and more at 89th St. Collective (2018)

89th St. Collective (Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

Weedeater, Zeke, Sierra
  The 89th Street Collective in Oklahoma City welcomed this triple bill powerhouse last Tuesday […]
By Dave Nowels
July 24, 2018

The 89th Street Collective in Oklahoma City welcomed this triple bill powerhouse last Tuesday night to a very appreciative crowd. Overall, it was a fun night of great music highlighted by some exceptional musicians and some equally awkward moments.

First up was SIERRA. Featuring Jason Taylor on guitar and vocals, and Robbie Carvalho on bass and vocals, these guys are from Ontario and quite frankly, they were my highlight of the entire night. Playing only a bit more than a 30 minute set, under no real lighting support, they still managed to blow me away.


A three piece power trio ala RUSH, they are a progressive/stoner metal band touring in support of their newest release, "The Mirror", In fact, they played the album for their set. I thought it a bit odd that they were support on this tour. They have a very different sound than WEEDEATER and ZEKE. Not nearly as heavy sounding, and all clean vocals. Yet, I definitely will be looking to check them out again as soon as possible, and highly recommend others do the same.

Next up was ZEKE. Hardcore, take no prisoners and directly in your face. These guys reminded me of the hardcore punk bands I would see back when I was a young misguided skateboard riding youth. Ripping through some 20 plus songs during their set, it was hard to keep up. The highlight of the set for me was a bad ass cover of KISS's "Shout It Out Loud". "Chiva Knievel" and "County Jail" were superb as well.

Unfortunately, ZEKE were also the cause of the awkward moment of the night. Guitarist and vocalist 'Blind' Marky Felchtone took issue with the playing of their drummer on multiple occasions. I'm assuming it was a new drummer behind the kit, but I'm just not 100% sure. Even though it wasn't all that noticeable in the cacophony of their sonic assault, there were moments that he was having a hard time keeping up. Felchtone resorted to verbally berating him on multiple occasions, which then led to bassist Kurt Kolfelt interjecting that Felchtone had kicked him out of the band before for multiple issues. This led to more uncomfortable banter between all parties. Perhaps it was just part of the script.

Regardless it was definitely an awkward moment that took away from the incredible blistering set the band put forth. I'd love to see them again under better circumstances. They're a band that uses no effects or pedals, they're simply a band that turns it up to 10 and lets the pieces fall where they may.

Finally, WEEDEATER took the stage to close out the evening. 'Dixie' Dave Collins is quite the character on stage, with his cross-eyed glares, hanging from the rafters and other shenanigans. But don't let it distract you from the music.


He and Dave 'Shep' Shepherd are extremely talented musicians. A stoner/sludge band, they're somewhat unique for featuring Collins on bass as the prominent lead instrument, as well as vocals. Leading off with "God Luck And Good Speed" they proceeded to melt faces throughout their set. Slower and overall surprisingly heavier than ZEKE, they were the perfect band to close out the night, and rightly so.


They were the band that the majority of the packed house came to see. "Wizard Fight", "Jason…The Dragon" and "Monkey Junction" were all represented, and the set closing "Weed Monkey" was definitely a highlight.  As was the guest appearance vocal from Ben Jones. No nonsense, no encore, just a thank you to the audience from Collins, and a decree that it was time to "go get fucked up".


It was another fun night at 89th Street, which is booking quality metal shows left and right. Great venue, that is booking exceptional talent. What more can you ask for?
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