Wasp, Chris Laney at Trägår’n (2010)

Trägår’n (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Wasp, Chris Laney
I arrived at the venue one minute before the show had started. Outside Trägår'n the […]
By Erika Walberg
October 18, 2010

I arrived at the venue one minute before the show had started. Outside Trägår'n the line was gone but to my surprise, the inside was packed and the place smelled sweat and beer already, perhaps not the nicest scent to greet you but, for sure a promising receipt for a good night. At this point the most people were hanging out in the bar though waiting for Blackie and his crew.

First up though was CHRIS LANEY who were going to heat up the crowd a little extra for the main attraction. This was the first time I saw the Chris Laney's band and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The title track of the latest release "Only Come Out At Night" started off their set; a really nice and catchy tune which lured people away from the bar. Even if there's nothing new about the music Chris plays it's still very refreshing, not really in the nostalgia wave but still old school. Not really Power Metal but still heavy and driven. A little bit of the Glam style in the image but no hairspray, eyeliner or lipstick. Just pure Heavy Metal! I think Chris could have gotten a little more help to fill the stage from his band though, no real disaster but the show was mainly Chris. Ok, now he's like a tornado on speed so it's really enough. The energy was great and everything sounded really good.

It's really nice to see a band that's not all about ripping of the old school bands get a chance to play too nowadays.


  1. "Only Come Out At Night"
  2. "Last Man Standing"
  3. "Rockstar"
  4. "Get U Down"
  5. "Love So Bad"
  6. "I Dunno"
  7. "I Had Enuff"
  8. "Situation"

The venue was extremely crowded when it was time for WASP. The temperature had hit extreme levels and the spirit was on top. Apparently the mood had been quite threatening on other places in Sweden, even with bloodshed in Örebro. This Monday evening the mood was high and people were waiting with anticipation of what was to come. The stage was rigged similar to the last time I saw WASP with the huge jumbotron's instead of backdrops. The concept with playing videos in the background was cool but I'm not sure if it's cool enough to hold for several rounds in Europe.

The band seemed charged this night, it was full on from the start. I must say it's a little disturbing with the pre-recorded stuff. Of course, it creates a broader atmosphere but concerts should not be too polished. In general, Blackie Lawless sounded really good that night, there were a few occasions where he sounded strained. Especially in "I Wanna Be Somebody" but I don't see that as a band thing at all. It just makes it all more alive and real. If everything is just as in the album you can just crank up the stereo at home instead of going to a concert.

From my perspective I think they could have chosen other songs for the set. Since WASP have been touring lot here up in the north the last few years there's no need to hear all the classics one more time but I talked to a young guy on the way home who saw WASP for the first time and he was lyrical. I guess the truth lies in between and I admit being excited about hearing and seeing this band time after time, else I wouldn't be back again and again.
The highlights of the concert were the songs from "The Crimson Idol", "The Idol" and "Chainsaw Charlie". There's something really unique with these songs, the way they're sung and the expression with which they are delivered. These songs really show how damn talented he is as a songwriter and there's no one else in the world that could sing these tunes and do them justice. Amazing really, it doesn't matter that he sounded really forced and mostly just screamed out parts on "Chainsaw Charlie", it's super anyway. "Heaven Hung In Black" also sounded really good. So yes, it was a really good concert but it's a little bit cheap to just have over an hour for the main set. That's a little too short really, especially with reference to the ticket prize. But it was a good concert and knowing myself all to well, I will run after tickets the next time too.

WASP setlist:

  1. "On Your Knees"
  2. "The Real Me"
  3. "L.O.V.E. Machine"
  4. "Crazy"
  5. "Live To Die Another Day"
  6. "Wild Child"
  7. "Babylon's Burning"
  8. "The Idol"
  9. "I Wanna Be Somebody"
  10. "Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)"
  11. "Heaven's Hung in Black"
  12. "Blind In Texas"

(photos by crazy Erika)



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