Unleashed, Dying Fetus and more at Torgau Entenfang (2019)

Torgau Entenfang (Torgau, Germany)

Unleashed, Dying Fetus, 1349, Exhorder, Necrophobic, Pestilence, Misery Index, Enforcer, Mgla, Lik, Bullet, Gruesome, Conan, Lucifers Child, Hamferd, Sylvaine, Dark Sky Choir, 1914, Skanners, Ixxi, Chapel Of Disease, Wiegedood, Antropomorphia, Asomvel, Funeralium, Nocturnal, Inhume, Verheerer, Crypts Of Despair, Anomalie, Impetuous Ritual, Wandar, Indian Nightmare, Gutslit, Abjured, Nuclear Magick, Cerebral Enema And More
  Do you know that feeling when everyone keeps telling you how great something is, […]
By Erika Kuenstler & Sarunas Dreseris
July 11, 2019


Do you know that feeling when everyone keeps telling you how great something is, but somehow you never get to try it out for yourself, and are left in the dark wondering what all the hype is about? For years, my circle of friends has been telling me how amazing IN FLAMMEN OPEN AIR is, but there's always been one thing or the other that has stopped me from being able to go. But 2019 seems to finally be auspicious in the eyes of the gods of metal, and so the 11th of July shall finally see me undertake the pilgrimage to the scenic little corner of Torgau. Situated approximately half way between Berlin and Leipzig, IN FLAMMEN OPEN AIR is perfectly located amid fields and forests, with a nearby lake adding to the beautiful backdrop.


13 seems to be the lucky number for the festival, with a total of 39 bands spread out over three days… and what a delectable line-up lies ahead. This year sees both well-known giants taking to the stage, as well as less-known but equally good underground bands. Representing the Scandinavian front are bands like Swedish Death-Metal veterans UNLEASHED, fellow country-men NECROPHOBIC and ENFORCER, as well as the infernal Norwegian Black Metal leviathans 1349, among others. The United States is however also fielding a strong team, featuring the likes of DYING FETUS, EXHORDER, and GRUESOME. The mysterious Polish Black Metal act MGLA are also not to be missed, as they always put on a completely spell-binding show that will transport you through the soundscapes of their songs. However, as juicy as these headlining acts are, there are several hidden gems which cannot be overlooked. For the regular festival-goers, some of the less-well-known bands in the line-up will already be familiar. For example, who can forget LUCIFER'S CHILD's performance at Dark Troll Festival this year? Formed by some of the members of ROTTING CHRIST, these Greek Metal masters deliver Black Metal with a take-no-prisoners approach. Another highlight is the Ukranian band 1914, whose music is a captivating mixture between Blackened Death and Doom Metal, all with a militant twist based on World War I. History will also be made at IN FLAMMEN OPEN AIR this year for DARK SKY CHOIR, a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal outfit from New York/New Jersey who will have their first ever Europe-show at the festival. This is all just the tip of the iceberg though, with many many more phenomenal bands set to set IN FLAMMEN OPEN AIR's stages alight.


This star-studded line-up is not all that the festival has to offer. The camping at the festivals is super laid-back and hassle-free, with you being able to set up your tent right next to your car, meaning you don't have to carry your beer far before kicking back and enjoying the long weekend. Wide open fields surrounded by verdant forests allows you enough space to make yourself comfortable, and offer the perfect escape when the temperatures start to soar. And to make it even better, the stages also offer shade and protection from the elements, so regardless of weather, you get to rock out with your favourite bands.

Another one of the great things about IN FLAMMEN OPEN AIR is their "no commerce" policy. This festival is purely about music for the love of music, and because of this, a festival pass will set you back by the unbeatable price of €59,90. This not only includes access to the festival for all three days as well as the camping fee, but also excluding all the hidden extra fees that so many festivals seem to add to the tickets these days. In short, IN FLAMMEN has everything: a great venue, stress-free camping, an amazing line-up, and affordable prices. So you have no excuses not to get your ticket now. Metal Temple looks forward to seeing you there!

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