Turisas, Starkill at The Corporation (2014)

The Corporation (Sheffield, England)

Turisas, Starkill
  Despite doing a UK tour in October, England's favourite ''Battle Metal'' band TURISAS are […]
By Emily Coulter
February 20, 2014


Despite doing a UK tour in October, England's favourite ''Battle Metal'' band TURISAS are back doing 5 dates among the British isle's accompanied by STARKILL, who's joining them across Europe too. It's certain fact that as soon as you step into a city where TURISAS are playing you will spot fans about covered in red and black war paint, drinking and chanting with friends. It's no doubt that out of all the folk, Viking and battle Metal bands that play England from places such as Finland, Norway and Sweden that TURISAS are and always be the most popular band to play over here. The evening started later than planned with doors opening nearly half an hour late with fans lining up next to the venue in their war paint shouting ''BATTLE METAL!'' till the doors opened.


First band of the night is Chicago based Melodic Death Metal group STARKILL, which despite a slow crowd reaction, they got the audience moshing their hearts out by the 4th track. Vocalist Parker Jameson pulled out solo after solo in songs such as ''New Infernal Rebirth'', ''Fires Of Life'' and many other songs from their debut release, proving that he has the capability to be the next Alexi Laiho. Rhythm guitarist Tony Keathley has a stage presence that any band would be envious of; performing backing vocals throughout the set whilst running around the stage and blasting out complex riffs which would make you think he was lead guitarist instead of Jameson. Bassist Shaun Andruchuk was head banging in every single song making you curious how he didn't break his neck whilst slapping his bass but Spencer Weidner on drums is something special on its own, blast beating his way through every song and enticing drum fills which always make you excited for the next one. STARKILL are a strong force to be reckoned with, though hailing from Chicago the band sound like they are easily from Scandinavia or any other part of Europe, these American men are sure to be a huge hit in the next few years with the rate they are going. Pure unique Metal at its finest.


The crowd at this point were all bearing plastic swords an axes, covered in their black and red war paint all shouting their favourite band's lyrics as they waited for Finland's biggest export to enter the small stage. Only a few minutes late, TURISAS had a dramatic entrance to say the least, entering the stage to their own intro song which got the audience clapping along before breaking into one of their newest songs ''10 More Miles''. The self-proclaimed battle Metal group had a setlist mainly consisting of old school songs from ''Battle Metal'' and ''The Vangarian Way'' though the band did play tracks from ''Turisas 2013'' to give a modern edge to the night but the Sheffield crowd went ecstatic for songs such as ''Battle Metal'', ''The Land Of Hope And Glory'' and ''No Good Story Starts With Drinking Tea". Vocalist Mathias Nygard took over The Corporation's stage clad in leather and paint growling his Viking lyrics to the audience with Olli Vanska stood beside him running about with his violin, Jaako Jakku kept the crashes of drums going all through the night. The band finished on ''Stand Up And Fight'' followed by their own metal cover of ''Rasputin'' which had the fans bouncing all over the venue. TURISAS are one of the bands you need to see live before you die or you have not lived, invest in a toy sword and face paint then you are also set to go into the mosh pits with dedicated fans who've followed them since the beginning.



1. 10 More Miles
2. Take The Day!
3. To Holmgard and Beyond
4. The Land Of Hope And Glory
5. Rex Regi Rebellis
6. Five Hundred And One
7. For Your Own Good
8. Battle Metal
9. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
10. Those Were The Days (Intro)
11. We Ride Together
12. Miklagard Overture
13. Stand Up And Fight
14. Rasputin


The show was a hit despite not being one of the biggest crowds on the tour but STARKILL and TURISAS still put on a show to envy the likes of METALLICA. Both groups have such a unique sound that cannot be replicated and both put on a stage show which blows you away and you'll never be so impressed again. 
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