Steel Panther, Rocksugar at House Of Blues (2010)

House Of Blues (Hollywood, USA)

Steel Panther, Rocksugar
When STEEL PANTHER perform on European ground, there are a lot of fans that are […]
By Maria Kallinikou
May 24, 2010

When STEEL PANTHER perform on European ground, there are a lot of fans that are gathered to see their show, mostly. When I arrived in Hollywood, I guessed that here it would have been different, just because they are performing at the House Of Blues or the Key Club every week, hence I did not know how willing would the fans be, watching them continuously. At that time period they were playing every Monday at the House Of Blues and although I did not expect to see many people there due to their continuous gigs, the venue was packed when STEEL PANTHER went on stage.

By the time I arrived at the venue, it was half full and ROCKSUGAR were about to hit the stage. It was a cover band. But it was a special cover band, they were fusing two cover songs in one. Hence the first song was a fusion of "Enter Sadman" with "Don't Stop Believing" and honestly it sounded cracking. This fusion was simply genius! Fusions containing songs like "Crazy Train", "Detroid RockCity", "Here I Go Again", took us till the end. The band was totally filled with energy and was the most fitting support band for STEEL PANTHER.

By the time STEEL PANTHER were about to hit the stage I managed to reach the front row. Squeezing myself among girls, who were shouting all the time, torture!!!! Around 23:00 the melody of "Rock You Like A Hurricane" escaped from the speakers and the band appeared on stage. It was so different than the last time I saw them in London. This time they played mostly cover songs, like "Sweet Child Of Mine", "Here I Go Again". They started playing "Holy Diver" but Michael Star was honest enough to admit, that there was no possible way of delivering that song properly. "Turn Out The Lights", "Fuck All Night Party All Day", "Death To All But Metal", "Community Property" and "Girl From Oklahoma" followed.

The band was encouraging girls to come on stage, and the conversations between the songs were more than funny! And of course that is part of the show. Due to the venue's size, this gig gave the impression of a party, with a very good sound, and a great audience. In venues such as the House of Blues, one can get that STEEL PANTHER, apart from excellent performers, have the ability of keeping great communication with the audience.

If you are around West Hollywood, DO NOT miss the chance of seeing this band live!

(photos by Maria)


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