Spiritual Beggars, Full House Brew Crew and more at Kyttaro Live Club (2010)

Kyttaro Live Club (Athens, Greece)

Spiritual Beggars, Full House Brew Crew, Beyond Perception
As far as the story "gigs in Athens, Greece" is concerned, last Friday was a […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
October 1, 2010

As far as the story "gigs in Athens, Greece" is concerned, last Friday was a night to remember. Not only for the SPIRITUAL BEGGARS concert, but because it was one of those one in a million cases with two gigs scheduled for the same day. So, since my friend YiannisD went to see NAPALM DEATH I went downtown to see SPIRITUAL BEGGARS with their new line up.

The first band that hit the stage was BEYOND PERCEPTION. To tell you the truth, it wasn't a band that the stoner fans could have expected. Their performance was good and my only objection was with the singer who some times was over the limit with his reactions especially when he was behind the microphone. BEYOND PERCEPTION's sound was closer to the bands that there were playing with NAPALM DEATH or bands like PANTERA but with growling vocals, much closer to the –core music. Overall, it was a nice performance by BEYOND PERCEPTION, but not that close to this gig's atmosphere.

Almost fifteen minutes later, FULL HOUSE BREW CREW came on stage. The quartet from Athens Greece didn't start the set in the best way; during the first song a burned fuse forced the gig to stop. Fortunately, this event didn't let them down and after a while they showed us what they were capable for. Their music was deeply influenced by BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and METALLICA, especially in the vocals. Meanwhile, lots of friends of the band were in front, making a nice atmosphere. The only bad thing was that all the spotlights were on Van as the lead guitarist and singer (he was singing from two mics!) who also was doing all the headbanging. I don't know if that was the way of this band but think they should work it out like team. At the end, thumbs up for FULL HOUSE BREW CREW since it was a very good warm up.

The time was ten minutes after ten and more or less 400 fans were in the venue when one by one SPIRITUAL BEGGARS hit the stage. They've opened their set with "Inner Strength" -the intro of their previous album "Demons"- and continued with "Left Brain Ambassadors". That was the best way for a SPIRITUAL BEGGARS concert to start. They've played five songs from their new album "Return To Zero" that they sounded much better live. As for the old ones; well Apollo may not be JB or Spice but he gave everything he had. He doesn't have that "dirty" voice that, in my humble opinion, a stoner band should have, but their latest songs are mostly based in the 70's rather the stoner scene, consequently he is what SPIRITUAL BEGGARS need. The people present at Kyttaro Live Club, were for one more time, bellow the average rate in the scale of "a good crowd". Only in some older songs made some noise, like in "Euphoria", "Left Brain Ambassadors" and "Mantra". I have to admit that during the new ones, the crowd looked a bit "sleepy". Where are those good old days? Anyway, back to the show. The sound was a thing that I have to mention, since it was really good. The band gave everything on stage and as time comes by, they will start to learn more each other and act more as a band.

Highlights from this night? The absence of songs like "Lack Of Prozac" and "Angel Of Betrayal", the new songs that sound better live, Apollo reading some lyrics of the older songs and missing some lines, Amott combing his hair behind the amps, (I don't know if he thought that no one was watching him but many fans on the left of the stage did) and the two girls from the crowd that went on stage and started to dance during "Euphoria" (I've noticed many boys looking at them instead of the band). It was a nice Friday night, with one good supporting act, another one that just passed by and the first show of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS with their new lineup that left very good impressions.


  1. "Inner Strength"
  2. "Left Brain Ambassadors"
  3. "Beneth The Skin"
  4. "We Are Free"
  5. "One Man Army"
  6. "The Chaos of Rebirth"
  7. "Wonderful World"
  8. "Fools Gold"
  9. Guitar/keyboard solo
  10. "Star Born"
  11. "Concrete Horizon"
  12. "Street Fighting Saviors"
  13. "Lost in Yesterday"
  14. "Throwing Your Life Away"
  15. "Mantra"
  16. "Black Feathers"
  17. "Magic Spell"
  18. "Euphoria"

(photos by Harry)




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