Sonata Arctica at Teatro Ecci (2014)

Teatro Ecci (Bogota, Colombia)

Sonata Arctica
  They have done it again! After exactly one year from coming to my land […]
By Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio
March 13, 2014


They have done it again! After exactly one year from coming to my land (yeah I mean it), SONATA ARCTICA have made an apotheosis presentation in front of no more than 200 people, and for sure we were all they need, we seemed to be like a hundred or more.

In my personal view (and I can't be objective, because SONATA ARCTICA is my favorite band) these guys came after only 12 months and they have managed to improve, to make worth the ticket, and for sure to renew my thoughts towards the band. And I want to make an specific reference to the new bassist Pasi Kauppinen, he has all the new blood a great band needs in some time, he has talent and energy, and for sure he has a great stage presence, although he doesn't speak at all.


Now concentrating in the event: after a couple of hours, my girl and I definitely could enter and get an amazing spot, the typical recommendations before the show… and there they are, starting with the new song "The Wolves Die Young" and my voice starts to scream and my eyes are spot on the stage, no other thing matter to me at that single moment (my girl has my hand, so I know she's ok).

The songs started to fall like leaves in autumn, "Losing My Insanity" follows without a breath, and we all in the theater keep screaming like the diehard fans we are, and the classics start to sound: "My Land" in the first place, and the whole crowd sings in a harmonious moment. "Black Sheep" goes and ends with "Sing In Silence", at this moment all are shocked for the setlist put in the stage, hell this is exactly what we came to see! "Flag In The Ground" continues and that song is a favorite in the fan base, and then (again like last year) one of the climax moments came when the first notes of "Tallulah" sound. We all know the song and barely let Tony take the lead, we ruled and we love that song. When we were recovering from that song, "Fullmoon" hits and we become insane, our "runaway" rumbles in the walls and we want to be on top (one girl tries, one man hits) and my personal and spiritual moment came when "White Pearl Black Oceans" comes out, I left this earth for 8 minutes to become one with the moment, I love that song, and my voice became one with the air, I will never forget that feeling of being free of all at least for some minutes.


The rest is just more amazing notes, excellent atmosphere and a public given totally to the band. After the encore, SONATA ARCTICA comes out again, this time with the shirts of the National Football Team, and their names on it (not a football fan, but for sure it was an amazing detail to the fans there), "Don't Say A word" comes at last, and I have to say that specifically that song sounds so fucking good, the heaviness in the riffs the keys, the percussion, all was so great; the classic mocks with the public, and the reverence comes at the end, not only from them, but us all rewarded that great moment SONATA ARCTICA has given, they promise to return, and if they come again I bow in the name of… (Put a name right here) I will return, to see one more time black oceans swallow me!!!

1. The Wolves Die Young
2. Losing My Insanity
3. My Land
4. Black Sheep
5. Sing in Silence
6. Flag in the Ground
7. Tallulah
8. FullMoon
9. White Pearl, Black Oceans...
10. Kingdom for a Heart
11. Wolf & Raven
12. In the Dark
13. Replica
14. Paid in Full
15. Victoria's Secret
16. Last Drop Falls
17. I Have a Right
18. Cinderblox
19. The Cage
20. Don't Say a Word

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