Septicflesh, Slavebreed and more at Gagarin205 (2009)

Gagarin205 (Athens, Greece)

Septicflesh, Slavebreed, Nordor, Nyne
There are some bands from your town that for some reasons you never had the […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
January 10, 2009

There are some bands from your town that for some reasons you never had the opportunity to see them on stage. Well, SEPTICFLESH is one of those bands and now it was time to see them in the Communion tour.

Even though, I knew the doors would open at 19:30 and left home at about 18:50, I didn't expect that traffic! Not to mentioned trying to find a parking space! It's easier to find free beers. After cursing and headbanging, literary, on the steering wheel, I parked my car and went to find Giorgos and my 'child' Dimitris where both of them were ready to turn into ice cubes from the cold. Anyway, for all these I didn't watch NYNE except from the last song, so it would be unfair to write anything. But I heard good things for them from some lads I met in the venue.

Next band was NORDOR. It was the second time within a month that I saw them onstage, since they were playing with BELPHEGOR too. By that time, we were almost 200 metalheads in the venue and that's because, as I found out later, the ticket wrote that the doors would open at 21:00, something that had nothing to do with the bands themselves. Welcome to Greece. Well, my opinion for NORDOR remains the same: a well rehearsed band, with good sound this time. They did manage to warm up the audience, by playing songs from their latest album and their demos.

Time was passing by, and SLAVEBREED came on stage. Even though a small number of the people around me, seemed to like what they where hearing, I was never fan of anything that ends with '-core' so I can't really say that I liked SLAVEBREED. That's why I believe it's better not to write much about them. Their sound, for that kind of music, was ok but most of us were just talking to each other, drinking beer and waiting for the headliners to hit the stage.

People continued to come and the venue was almost full by the time the headliners were to start; but for reasons that I am not aware of, there was a small delay.

The band's setlist was from the last three albums only, and some of the fans wanted to listen to some old stuff too. During the first five songs, I was in front and the sound was good; but from what I heard from some friends of mine that were standing in the middle or at the back, the sound wasn't good but it got better as they played. To tell you the truth, I'm starting to believe that the sound problems have to do with the acoustic of the venue. It's not possible to have good sound in front and not at the back.

SEPTICFLESH's music is difficult to play live, due to the orchestral parts and the clean vocals. So, they had to have lots of pre-recorded parts, something that I don't like much but it was inevitable. The four lads definitely have the air of a big band and they showed it with their performance.
My only complaint about this gig was that I would like to have a bigger setlist with some one or two songs from the old stuff. But you can't have it all, can you? After almost seventy minutes, and after they said a big 'thank you' to all of us, they left the stage, leaving most of us happy with their performance.

It was about midnight when we left Gagarin205 after having a good time with two out of the three bands we saw. After the show I spoke to some guys and their opinions were weasel. Some of them liked the show, others wanted some thing more. And don't forget the effort of doing the wall of death at Persepolis. But overall we had a great time! But, it was time to go and share a couple of drinks with friends.


01. Unbeliever
02. Chaostar
03. Faust
04. Communion
05. Virtues Of The Beast
06. We The Gods
07. Sumerian Daemon
08. Lovecraft Death
09. Anubis
10. DNA
11. Red Code Cut
12. Science
13. Persepolis
14. Little Music Box

(photos by Harry)


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