Saltatio Mortis, Korpiklaani and more at Wacken (2019)

Wacken (Wacken, Germany)

Saltatio Mortis, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, Faun, Moonsorrow, Feuer Schwanz, Heilung, Turisas, Arkona, Trollfest, Grimner, The O’reillys And The Paddyhats, Serenity, Harpyie, Apocalypse Orchestra, Bannkreis, Huldre, Vogelfrei, Ereb Altor, Helsott, Cemican, Holly Loose, The Dread Crew Of Oddwood, Skiltron, Trollfaust, Comes Vagantes; Forgotten North, Haggefugg, Maccabe & Hanaka, Skaldenmet, Dragol, Incantatem, Die Pressgëng
  Whilst the notorious WACKEN OPEN AIR is world-renowned, there is a special little-known festival […]
By Erika Kuenstler
February 22, 2019


Whilst the notorious WACKEN OPEN AIR is world-renowned, there is a special little-known festival that also takes place in the same location, a good six months later. I am speaking, of course about the magical WACKEN WINTER NIGHTS, soon to be in its third installment. Happening from the 22.02.2019 to the 24.02.2019, this winter-wonderland takes its audience on a fantastical tour of music, magic, and medieval mayhem.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this is a young festival following in her older brother's footsteps, however, WACKEN WINTER NIGHTS is something entirely different. Embracing the cold of winter, this festival is all about bringing the magic and beauty of winter to life. For one brief weekend, the snow-covered fields transform into a fairy-tale festival, teeming with a whole host of things to see and do. Have a stroll through the enchanting Mystic Woods, where you might come across some bands playing acoustically, DRAGOL, and DIE PRESSGËNG to name a few. Or be entertained by the jugglers and bards who roam these areas.  Or take a gander at the Village Church, which will feature even more spectacular acoustic shows. Have a look through the medieval market, stopping for a hearty meal or to buy some of the amazing handmade wares on sale. And if the temperatures get a bit chilly, grab a hot drink and go warm up by one of the numerous fires around the festival area. And if you're looking for something slightly more interactive,  there is always a chance to partake in one of the numerous workshops, where you can get some hands-on experience.

Two sizable stages feature an amazing selection of bands, ranging from Folk, Pagan, and Rock, all the way through to Metal. One of the absolute highlights, and a band that is not to be missed is HEILUNG. I had the great fortune of first seeing them at MIDGARDSBLOT festival in Norway two years ago, and they honestly put on one of the most intense and mesmerizing shows I have ever see. Another must see would be the captivating FAUN, who surely have made their name known all around with as many as 850 shows since 2003. If melodic side of Folk music is more of what you fancy look no further than SALTATIO MORTIS, one of the most popular Folk bands in Germany, and who will be playing alongside other amazing Medieval bands bands such as fellow countrymen HARPYIE.

Folk Metal fans are in for a double treat with Swiss leviathans ELUVEITIE as well as the beloved Finnish act KORPIKLAANI taking to the stage, guaranteeing to deliver spectacular and unforgettable shows. Another performance which promises to be very memorable is that of Finnish Battle Metallers, TURISAS, which is sure to kick up a massive party with their bombastic and catchy songs. And for those who prefer their Folk to have a darker twist, look no further than ARKONA. Other notable names to look out for are the Epic Heathen Metallers of MOONSORROW, and the South American Folk Metallers SKILTRON. And for those who like their music with a healthy dose of humour, be sure to catch the raucous TROLLFEST, who always put on a bacchanalian party of a show.

And for those diehards who want to keep partying long after all the big names and big shows are over on both Friday and Saturday will be able to celebrate to their hearts' content with the after-parties which feature the likes of SKALDENMET and INCANTATEM, local talent from nearby Hamburg.

All of this and maybe more (depending on ones personal input)  for the reasonable price of 89€ per ticket. For the very brave, camping will also be available, with camping tickets costing 10€ per person or 39€ per car. Though it would be smart to hurry up as at the moment number of remaining tickets are shrinking fast with over 80% of 3-day tickets already gone. So be sure to pack all the warm clothes out of your cupboard, and come join the party in the winter wonderland!

Metal Temple looks forward to seeing you there!

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