Rotting Christ, Circle Of Infinity at Mirage Club (2014)

Mirage Club (Limeira, Brazil)

Rotting Christ, Circle Of Infinity
  So it was another concert in Limeira a town of 300 thousand inhabitants located […]
By Paulomaniaco
May 16, 2014


So it was another concert in Limeira a town of 300 thousand inhabitants located 150kms from Sao Paulo City and by now one of the most important hotspot for Metal concerts in Brazil and the second most important in Sao Paulo State only behind Sao Paulo City. Having two great venues Bar Da Montanha and Mirage Club that means; bands coming to our town will have a great experience and leave here with a big smile on their faces just like RAVEN, KATALKYSM, MASTER, D.R.I., PICTURE and GRIM REAPER did.


Our guests for tonight concerts were the Greeks Gods ROTTING CHRIST, it was their second visit in Brazil and they did know what to expect and Limeira was ready for them. CIRCLE OF INFINITY a local band had the duty of warming up the crowd and they did not disappoint them. CIRCLE OF INFINITY arose from the ashes of MASSACRE, an old band from the eighties, they play a mix of Death and Thrash and Edson Moraes (vocals and guitars) is the only member from the old days with MASSACRE, nonetheless the new comers Matheus Paiva bass, Alan Circle guitars and Bruno Conan drums, they all do a great job and therefore giving the band a whole new direction and taking CIRCLE OF INFINITY to a new direction. They came to warm up the crowd and to give the greetings to ROTTING CHRIST straight out from the studios where they are currently working on their new album entitled "Moments Of Evil" and it was a special evening for them because Edson Moraes was celebrating his 48th birthday, anyways, at 10pm they came on stage and opened their set with "Circle Of Therapy" a fast song al'a KREATOR with killer solos and guttural vocals a trade mark by "Edson" and their set followed with "Dark Souls" another track from the oncoming album. The crowd went wilder when their announced "Headbanger" a fast tempo song to honour all of us, we are headbangers! A very good performance from CIRCLE OF INFINITY showing professionalism, love for the music and dedication, CIRCLE OF INFINITY are here and they are here to stay, and I am looking forward to their new CD.


1. Intro
2. Circle Of Therapy
3. Dark Souls
4. Moments Of Evil
5. Headbanger
6. Ripper
7. End Of The Way
8. Soul


So it was time for ROTTING CHRIST to deliver their anger and hatred and raise from hell an army of demons to take on the world once more. After played in Rio on the night before they arrived in Limeira quite tired after enduring a trip of nine hours by van, but when they came on stage it was like they were reborn, a performance full of energy and Sakis knew exactly was he was doing, opening the set was "666" an anthem coming straight from hell, headbangers coming from far away were taken to total ecstasy, I could see people crying it was an amazing site, ROTTING CHRIST a band that have managed to stay underground all this years and they have so much charisma and when they talk to the crowd it has so much respect, their set was a mix of old and new songs. their music is so complex and they have an unique style, it was the first time I saw them live, I can tell you if you have the chance to see them live go for it, it is a unique experience, their professionalism and posture on stage is just incredible, I had the chance  to hang out with them, they are amazing human beings, humble and so cool, ROTTING CHRIST have left Limeira with a big smile on their face and so did I and the crowd that came to the show which by the way were around 200 Metalheads. No Serviam forever!!!


1. 666
2. Dub-Sag-Ta-Ke
3. Athanati Este
4. Kata Ton Demona Eautou
5. Nemecic
6. The Forest Of N'Gai
7. Kings Of A Stella War
8. The Sign Of Evil Existence
9. Transform all Suffering Into Plagues
10. Fgmenth Thy Gift
11. Societas Satanas
12. In Yumen -Xibalta
13. Grandis Spirutus Diavolos
14. Chaos Geneto
15. Non Serviam
16. Enuma Elish
17. Noctis Era


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