Press Conference: Def Leppard, Whitesnake at Ledra Marriott Hotel Athens (2008)

Ledra Marriott Hotel Athens (Athens, Greece)

Press Conference: Def Leppard, Whitesnake
Press Conference: DEF LEPPARD / WHITESNAKE Due to tomorrow's (July 1st) WHITESNAKE and DEF LEPPARD […]
By Yiannis Zervos
June 30, 2008


Due to tomorrow's (July 1st) WHITESNAKE and DEF LEPPARD concert in Athens at Karaiskaki football stadium, Cultural Action organized a press conference. As always METAL TEMPLE was there to report for your info.

The iconic DEF LEPPARD frontman, Joe Elliot with his, over 20 years, bandmate Phil Collen, along with WHITESNAKE's guitar player Doug Aldrich, started to talk about this summer's co-headline tour.

[Joe Elliot]: It's been fantastic so far, we've done seven shows so far and it's a simple case of 1+1 makes 3. These two bands together is something excited for people to watch

Commenting on the new albums Good To Be Bad and Songs From The Sparkle Lounge.

[Doug Aldrich]: We had a great time making that record, we started writing songs at the end of 2006, one song lead to another and before we knew it we had a nice bunch of songs. David sounds amazing on the album, he gave a killer performance...we were very happy from the get-go

[Joe Elliot]: We both make albums in a similar way; we make demo songs on the road. Both albums were recorded in our own home studios. The big difference between our album and theirs, is that we don't have bears breaking into our house the time we record (laughs)...and of course Doug told us the story, where the hungry bears stormed into Coverdale's house, somewhere in the Nevada woods, the time they were recording.

Answering a question if there's going to be a jam on stage with members from both bands.

[Joe Elliot]: Generally speaking, I think that people wants to see a WHITESNAKE set and a DEF LEPPARD set... I think if there was ever going to be an on-stage jam encore, it would take away from things that these bands have achieved. It's also difficult because there are two separate sets of equipment. They (WHITESNAKE) have to wait two hours after their set, so they can come back and jam with us.
Dough responded: I will wait two hours if you want me to (laughs).

On how are the relations between the two bands?

[Doug Aldrich]: DEF LEPPARD are the best on what they're doing, and David has been doing this for a long long time. We all admire each other's work and Phil Collen added: It's a mutual appreciation society, the atmosphere backstage is amazing

The famous LEPPARD duet, Elliot-Collen answered to a METAL TEMPLE's question as well:

How much did you miss Matt Lange's help on the new album? And how much do you miss Steve Clark's creativity?

[Joe Elliot]: It's a good question, but it's impossible to answer. I think we've made a fine record without Matt. It would have been different if Matt had involved, it wouldn't, necessary, be bad, but it would be different. I think we've made an honest assessment on where we are right now. We feel really comfortable with these songs as our artistic expression. As for Steve... we miss Steve everyday but you have to move on, life doesn't end, life carries on. With Vivian in the band, things are more steady. Steve was very excited and edgy, but you never knew if he was going to be alive the next day. It doesn't feel like that anymore, we feel safer with Vivian in the band

Commenting on why the WHITESNAKE members are making so much background vocal work and if there is a weakness on David Coverdale's voice, Doug said:

[Doug Aldrich]: WHITESNAKE songs were always based on great melodies and vocal is the basic melody. It sounds good; I mean you're sitting in front of the band with the coolest harmony blend of voices (means DEF LEPPARD). David always enjoys the background sound and we're just trying to do our best''.

Responding to a question whether is a chance that DEF LEPPARD could film a movie like the U2 3D.

[Joe Elliot]: You have to take into consideration that when U2 did that, they didn't set out to do that. U2 are so iconic and so popular right now. They were the right band at the right time. They were asked: can we film you in 3D?. They didn't ask us, they didn't ask WHITESNAKE, they didn't ask Bob Dylan, they ask U2. Those movies cost millions to make, so if we were going to be filmed like that, someone else would have to pay for it.

So, after the green message to recycle on tomorrow's concert, Doug apologized for Coverdale's absence. I must say that David showed that he couldn't care less for this press conference. On the other hand, Joe Elliot promised an awesome performance from both bands tomorrow. We just have to wait and see.

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