Powerwolf, Ashes Of Ares and more at The Underworld (2013)

The Underworld (London, England)

Powerwolf, Ashes Of Ares, Battle Beast, Majesty
MAJESTY is a good Power Metal performance. If you like MANOWAR then you'll like these […]
By Martin Jolly Rogers
September 27, 2013

MAJESTY is a good Power Metal performance. If you like MANOWAR then you'll like these guys as the similarities are striking. I missed the start of their set because they came on stage at 17:30, which is when I finish work. From what I saw they didn't play their classics such as "Freedom Warriors" but "Metal Union" was ace and went down really well with the crowd.

BATTLE BEAST unleashed a really good mix of Power Metal and Hard Rock. They played stomping, bouncing songs and some cracking sing along numbers. I thought that "Black Ninja" and "Enter The Metal" World really stood out. No doubt this is a good fun band with a bright future ahead of them. The singer had an excellent mix of harsh and smooth, clear vocals that brought additional variety to the songs.

ASHES OF ARES was probably one of the most serious of the bands to play, they didn't carry the crowd with them as the previous bands had but they're not that sort of a band. I've given them an extra credit for having Matt Barlow singing for them.

POWERWOLF were superb, amazingly brilliant. The crowd loved them so much that they (we) spent about ten minutes singing their name and expressing our love, probably depriving them of two songs. The songs they played were great, as was their interaction with the crowd, doing 'left side, right side' and really getting everyone into it and singing. Within "Sanctified With Dynamite" they have one of the best new age Metal songs around. They made a mistake in finishing with a new song in my opinion, as GHOST did at Brixton not too long ago. I always think the last song should be an old sing-along number to get the crowd going for one last effort. At times the crowd were so loud it was like being at a football match, quite amazing given the size of the place. The only way they could have been better would for them to be IRON MAIDEN or have played with a symphony orchestra.

In overall, a really good fun night of Power Metal music. Lots of stomping, bouncing and a wave of terrible singing from the crowd. Go see these bands together if you get the chance. Ooh, POWERWOLF we love you!!!

Battle Beast Setlist:

1. Let It Roar
2. Out On The Streets
3. Neuromancer
4. Kingdom
5. Black Ninja
6. Enter The Metal World
7. Out Of Control

Powerwolf Setlist:

1. Sanctified With Dynamite
2. Prayer in the Dark
3. Amen and Attack
4. All We Need Is Blood
5. Sacred and Wild
6. Resurrection by Erection
7. Coleus Sanctus
8. Drum Solo
9. St. Satan's Day
10. Kreuzfeuer
11. Werewolves of Armenia
12. Dead Boys Don't Cry
13. We Drink Your Blood
14. Lupus Dei
15. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
16. In the Name of God

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