Pallbearer, Pinkish Black and more at 89th Street Collective (2019)

89th Street Collective (Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

Pallbearer, Pinkish Black, Oberon
I've got to admit, I was pretty excited about this one. PALLBEARER and PINKISH BLACK […]
By Dave Nowels
July 18, 2019

I've got to admit, I was pretty excited about this one. PALLBEARER and PINKISH BLACK sharing a bill? Hell yeah. Lot's to like as well as a new to me Oklahoma band, called OBERON. It lived up to it's promise, and proved to be yet another solid night at 89th Street Collective in Oklahoma City.

I have an affection for PALLBEARER for a certain reason. There was a time a few years back that I had basically stopped listening to Metal. I know, hard to believe. Fact is, I've always listened to lots of different music, and for a few years, there just wasn't anything "new" or cool happening in Metal that piqued my interest, so I just spent my time listening to other genres. So, there I am one day browsing in OKC's Guestroom Records, and the store staff start playing a "heavy" album that grabbed my attention nearly immediately. It instantly reminded me a bit of early Black Sabbath, but more modern you know? It was haunting and intense. Asking the clerk what it was, he hands me PALLBEARER's "Sorrow & Extinction". I was blown away, and bought it then and there. So, in a way, I have PALLBEARER to thank for getting me excited about Metal again, and for introducing me to the heavy world of Doom.
So, guys if you're reading this, thanks. I owe you.

Tonight's show was a chance for PALLBEARER to knock some dust off, and shake some album writing hibernation by getting out on the road for a short tour. Not that the dust was readily apparent mind you, as the boys sounded great and nailed a fun setlist of songs.

PALLBEARER will be hitting the road again soon in support of BARONESS. Unfortunately, that bill won't be coming near me, but hopefully some of you get the chance to see those two powerhouses in action. Don't miss it.  I also had the opportunity to interview vocalist/guitarist Brett Campbell prior to this show, and you can check out that interview here:

Devoid of Redemption
Watcher In the Dark
The Ghost I Used To Be
An Offering of Grief
I Saw the End

I'd had several friends and other music artists recommend that I check out PINKISH BLACK in the past year. I'd managed to squeeze in a few cuts here and there, and was definitely intrigued by what I heard. The fact that this duo of Daron Beck and Jon Teague can create the sonic landscape that they do via their recorded work is jaw dropping. The fact that they can do it live is simply ridiculous.

Daron Beck handles vocals and a virtual cornucopia of synthesizers, while Teague batters his drum kit and accentuates Becks synths with the Moog at his left. When I say Teague batters his kit, I'm not joking. He plays those drums harder than just about anyone I've seen in recent memory, yet still retains a finesse that's impressive.

I wish I was more familiar with their songs to report what they actually played, but I have to think much of the night's set centered around their fourth album, "Concept Unification" on Relapse Records. What I heard certainly gives me plenty of incentive to dive into their catalog as soon as possible. I hope to see these two gentlemen again soon. Highly recommend catching them if the opportunity presents itself. Visit the band's Bandcamp page for a taste of what they offer:

Opening the evening's festivities were local support, OBERON hailing from Ada, Oklahoma. This four piece really innovate with their brand of Progressive, Space Metal. Consisting of, DJ Bryant on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Wingard on guitar, Logan Wood on drums and Adam Smith on bass, these guys got my attention right off the bat with a crazy impressive instrumental intro , "Upon the Revolutions of Heavenly Sphere."that segued into the neck injuring "Pillars".

Both of these come from their release, "Pale Blue Dot" and proved to be a fine introduction to an exciting band. The band has two albums readily available on Bandcamp as well as a EP split with SUNLANDER. Definitely worth your time checking into. Their Bandcamp page is here:

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