Overkill, One Of Them at Opiniao Bar (2012)

Opiniao Bar (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Overkill, One Of Them
Fucking Awesome! That is the only way to describe the night of August 22th when […]
By Daniel Silva
August 22, 2012

Fucking Awesome! That is the only way to describe the night of August 22th when the Wrecking Crew came to Porto Alegre and in a night of pure unrelenting Thrash Metal made me a big fan.

I got at the Opinião Bar around 21:30 and after dodging the scalpers I entered the bar and saw that there weren't many people inside, so I went to the second floor in search of a good view of the stage and there I waited for about 15-20 minutes when the opening act ONE OF THEM, started their show. I didn't really know this band, never even heard of them actually, but let me tell you they put on an amazing show. They started with a lukewarm response from the audience who were saving their energy for the main attraction, but by the middle of their set people were already moshing to their sound, they had an amazing ability and stage presence but due to their limited physical space on stage, that was occupied by OVERKILL's equipment, it got somehow in the way of their performance. ONE OF THEM ended their show at 22:30 which then lead into an anxious 30 minutes of wait as the roadies cleared out the opening act's equipment to make way for OVERKILL's. All went down while people chanting for OVERKILL and singing along with "Crazy Train", "Balls To The Wall" among other songs that were playing on the background.

At 23:00 shrouded by a cloud of mist, OVERKILL took the stage and then the best concert of the year began. Let me first say that up until that time I didn't really knew much about them besides some songs off of their new album so that is why I didn't know what songs they were playing, but they played with such aggressiveness and energetic enthusiasm and together with Bobby Blitz's charisma and playfulness it was difficult to not headbang like a crazy motherfucker. The highlights of the night were how the frontman made jokes between songs and the audience, which is another well documented phenomena and everybody talks about it but that it always seems to surprise me, is how energetic the Latin America crowds really are, exemplified by the non-stopping moshing and the incessant chants of "Overkill", "Overkill" between songs.

The night of August, 22th of 2012 will forever be marked in my memory as one of my best shows of my life, I pity the next shows I will be attending, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY in November and NIGHTWISH in December, because they will have a lot to do to beat that night.

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