Outloud, Wild Machine and more at Kyttaro Club (2009)

Kyttaro Club (Athens, Greece)

Outloud, Wild Machine, Cyanide 4
MariaV: I was very curious to watch OUTLOUD (with Chandler Mogel on vox) on a […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
December 20, 2009

MariaV: I was very curious to watch OUTLOUD (with Chandler Mogel on vox) on a live performance, a new formed band counting only a few months of life, and the reason is obvious: how solid can a band be with only one record in the luggage and a mini tour inside the borders of Greece? The supporting groups, CYANIDE 4 and the addition of the last moment, WILD MACHINE (who replaced DANGER ANGEL) were actually the other reasons, so, here we were; a few minutes after 20:00 o' clock, outside of the historical Kyttaro Club and the doors were still closed. What a bad start that was! But, fortunately, 15 minutes later the doors opened letting 40 people inside the venue.

MariaV: Inside the club, the girls of a sponsored famous whiskey were offering 'shots' for 'warming up' and finally, at 20:30 the live show of CYANIDE 4 begun, filling the scene with a bad-boys-attitude. Despite of the bad sound, the total absence of the necessary sound check and the all the accompanying sound problems (you see, in reality there was no time for sound check), G.A.Sinn, Joxnny Slut, Nasty George and Mike T (cool t- shirt, by the way) did their thing and gave all the energy and youth of their music via their set list, including songs like Parody, Midnight Heat, Cyanide and Wasting My Time. I have not the chance to watch them closely before, so, I must say that I enjoyed pretty much their 40-minutes show and I will surely mind them at the future.

MariaV: WILD MACHINE stepped on stage after 15 minutes and they glowed and blew everything out! What a pleasant surprise they were! Why? Because they had everything: great stage performance, breathtaking look (I am talking to the girls now) and the modern retro Hard Rock sound that fitted just perfect to their style. In particular, the lead singer, Johny Mercedess Hott placed between Brian Johnson and Janis Joplin reminded the legendary Dr. Frank N. Furter of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie, while the guitarist, Mario Lux had the stage air of Paul Mahon (THE ANSWER). Gimme Action, Dirty Motor Room, Viciouz Luv were some of their hits played live, including a cover of AC_DC's Sing The Pink that closed their show and left us asking for more.

Unfortunately, the 35 minutes were not enough to enjoy us as I'd like; but, for me, they were the big winners of that night concert and many people would check them out nearly (including me)- nice hair style!

DimitrisK: I cannot but agree with Maria's saying and if you don't mind add a couple of thoughts referring to the opening acts.

-CYANIDE 4: musically they have things to say but they totally fail when it comes to the mentality of a Hard Rock band. Ok, the sound was shitty and the alleged soundman was a joke but when you are on stage you have to look that you are having a good time no matter what. Looking the guys totally pissed losing focus more times one can bear was the ultimate turn off for me.

-WILD MACHINE: Excellent and solid performance by a band that I was not aware of. I am not a fan of the Greek scene and times like that, I am thinking that this approach makes me loosing some interesting bands.

DimitrisK: It is official; most of the Greek metalheads cannot stand the success of a band from their country. They are always chasing ghosts and always seeing conspiracies everywhere. I could not stand the surrounding sayings about OUTLOUD talking about taking advantage of Katsionis and Cross's publicity to support an average album. And this was the main reason that Kyttaro Club hosted no more than 100 faces. Nevertheless, some things in the Greek Metal scene will never change so let me continue with the gig…

The intro brought the Greek based band on stage receiving something more than a warm applaud for the gathered audience. And this is exactly what the band earns when performing in small crowds; just the people who truly want to watch and support the band. OUTLOUD seemed to have the ultimate fun on stage and this was logical since the short Greek tour was about to end. What I Need and Tonight were the opening songs giving me the first impressions regarding mainly the singer.

Chandler Mogel sounds great on the CD but that night something was wrong; in the high pitches he was sounding out-of-tune but as the concert went on I realized why. OUTLOUD took this concert as a party and as a reward for what they did achieve in this short period of time.

After 30 minutes the band 'disappointed' me choosing to add to solos in the setlist losing a great part of the momentum built with their energetic entrance. But things got way better (and the sound too) and we had a great time. As expected the band performed the entire We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again having as highlights the fast and catchy We Run and Broken Sleep. The band performed with honesty and energy proving wrong all the aforementioned 'accusations–. They also did two covers; on WHITE LION's Broken Heart where the singer sounded great and on THIN LIZZY's Jailbreak enhancing the party feeling. Without any other song to play OUTLOUD did again We Run and thanked everyone in the club for their support sounding 100% honest to me.

This was a nice night watching a main band enjoying the on stage time while introducing a great supporting band that stole part of OUTLOUD's success (in a good way).




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