Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction and more at Vrahon Theater (2009)

Vrahon Theater (Athens, Greece)

Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Alec Empire
Ok, NINE INCH NAILS is not a Metal band. But I think all the music […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
July 20, 2009

Ok, NINE INCH NAILS is not a Metal band. But I think all the music lovers and the open minded metalheads respect this band and Trent Reznor. So, since they are one of the bands that I like outside the Metal scene, myself and two friends of mine went to Vrahon Theater to witness to their last (?) tour.

We arrived quite early and after we left the car to the parking space outside the Theater (it is an outdoor theater) we had the time to drink a couple of beers and have a look to the merchandise.

At exactly 19:40, as the time schedule was, Alec Empire hit the stage. It was quite awkward to see just a guy in front of a console doing a DJ set in an open venue. Even though his experimental DJ set was not my cup of tea, part of the crowd applauded him but at the end his electro-industrial wasn't anything that could grab your attention. I've listened to some of his tracks at his MySpace page and I think it would be better if he played some of the ones that have vocals too. Another thing that I didn't like much was that the bass was too loud and sometimes was covering everything. Also he didn't have any contact with the people that were listening. Oh, and he should say a Thank you at least.

Only some minutes passed and JANE'S ADDICTION came on stage. Full of energy and with Perry Farrell dancing, moving and covering every inch of the stage, gave a really good show. Fortunately, the bottle of water that an idiot threw just after the first song didn't blew everything up. The band seemed to be in a good form and there were many fans that were singing all the lyrics while dancing alongside Perry.

The sound, especially for the Greek standards, was one of the best I've listened so far and surely the acoustic of the theater helped to that direction. Perry was talking all the time between the songs, praising Greece, the ancient Greek Gods, drugs, sex, the anatomy of the women while he was trying to convinced us to send away Yanni, a famous Greek keyboard piano player. Well, he is not that wrong at the last part. The crowd had a really good time and was dancing during the whole set and it would had been better if Perry had stopped his delirium speeches. As for Navarro, I think that this guy is a great guitarist and that his work has not earned the credits it deserves. The highlights of their set were: Mountain Song, Jane Says, Summertime Rolls and Ted Just Admit It.

After Perry's goodbye a dozen of people came on stage (aka the road crew). Synths, microphones, drums, percussions, more synths, a xylophone (!!!) were placed on stage. After a while Trent Reznor and his band, came up waving to the crowd. From that moment -I'm sorry- but I was sent to another dimension. The sound was crystal clear; the lightshow was the one that had to be for a concert like that and NINE INCH NAILS gave 100%. The only problem was, again, the crowd itself. I strongly believe that the days of 'the best audience' belong to the past and that they will never come back. At least in the front rows we all had a great time. Reznor, a bit distant as always, thanked us lots of times and everyone seemed to have a good time even though their appearance seemed a bit professional and by the book.

On the other hand, in this kind of music, you have to stick to the plan since the coordination with the light show and the movement of the band members, since everyone was playing almost everything (even the drummer played the piano) is absolutely necessary. Reznor's voice was in perfect shape and you could see that this man really feels what his singing. NINE INCH NAILS bombarded us for almost two hours of music full of emotions and energy. Even the sound (or lights?) engineer was headbanging and doing a great job during the whole show! Don't you wait for a full setlist. I'll just say that I really enjoyed Mr Self Destruct, The Becoming, Reptile, Head Like A Hole, the first NINE INCH NAILS song I've heard back in 1989, and of course one of the most emotional songs Reznor wrote and the one that closed the concert, Hurt.

It was a great night. One of the best concerts I've been in Greece, outside the Metal scene, with great sound and great performances from the two bands. From the day I heard that the 'Ninja' tour will come to my place, I was sure that I was gonna have a great time. And so I did. I just hope that I will have the opportunity to see Reznor on stage again, despite his thoughts of call it a day with NINE INCH NAILS.

(photos by Mr Self Destruct Harry)



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