Mourning Beloveth, Ataraxie and more at Texas Necropolis (2008)

Texas Necropolis (Athens, Greece)

Mourning Beloveth, Ataraxie, Hedon Cries, Shattered Hope
Even though I had a terrible headache and the Greek national soccer team was playing […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
October 10, 2008

Even though I had a terrible headache and the Greek national soccer team was playing for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, I decided to take my car and go to the center of Athens, to listen some Doom metal tunes.

I was just in time to see the opening band. Having heard their 2007 promo, SHATTERED HOPE were one of the bands that I wanted to see live some day. With a new bass player they came out at around 19:30 and with good sound, -something strange for the Greek standards- they gave us a really nice show. Their appearance on stage was professional, even though this particular stage is for bands of four members or less thus quite small for SHATTERED HOPE. Their Doom Metal with influences from bands like MY DYING BRIDE, early ANATHEMA and KATATONIA was the best way to start the night for the almost 100 metalheads in the club.

After a small break HEDON CRIES was on stage. To tell you the truth I didn't know anything about the band, except some tracks I listened at their myspace page. If I try to describe their music, I would say it's a mixture of Doom Metal in the perspective of MY DYING BRIDE and DARK TRANQUILITY. They also had good sound and there performance was on high standards. Not as energetic as SHATTERED HOPE, but I think the fans had a good time; I am also sure that they gained most of those who didn't know them, including me. After 50 minutes, if I remember right, they left the stage with the best impressions they could and even though my head was about to explode; I was having a good time so far...

...And that wasn't going to change! French doomsters ATARAXIE came to Greece for the first time to bring more darkness and despair to us all. Their, let's say, 90's Doom / Death Metal with some fragments of funeral Doom here and there, made a good impression. Well, they totaly earned even before they started playing with the LAMP OF THOTH t-shirt that Marquis was wearing. The only dissonance was the crowd that in some atmospheric parts they preferred talking to each over rather than listening to the band.

So there were moments that I could listen someone talking about football rather than the band, but fortunately ATARAXIE didn't bother and with a good sense of humor, Marquis said: I hope that you are not asleep; those for guys continued with the same appetite. They ended there set saying for the fifth or sixth time a big thank you to the guys that gave them the chance to play in Greece and to their fans.

At around 23:30, It was time for the headliners to hit the stage. And who said that Doom Metal is for sad, at least, people and the guys who play is kind of music are most of the times manic depressive?

Those five Irish lads from MOURNING BELOVETH made everything possible to show us the opposite. And they made it! From the moment they got on stage, they started teasing each other with self sarcasm. After they checked the echo, Frank got ready by wearing his Ray-Ban glasses, said that they just fired Brendan (bass) and Darren asked to close Frank's microphone in order to start their set, it was time for us to enjoy their music.

For over an hour they bombarded us with their Doom / Death Metal. Stepping on MY DYING BRIDE and PRIMORDIAL music bases, MOURNING BELOVETH is one of those bands that makes you wonder why there are not so well known in the metal scene. With tons of energy, they made almost everyone headbang, and I say almost because the headache was getting worse and I couldn't move it. Even though I don't have the set list in my hands, I remember they played songs from all their discography. Great performance, great sound and a small but powerful core of fans, that to tell you the truth I didn't expect it.
Unfortunately it was getting late, the time was 00:45, and they had to end their set since the venue is also a club after 00:00. Despite the headache this live may not be one of the best, but it was one of the most entertaining during the last months. A really good work from all the bands and the promoters. Until next time DOOM ON!

(photos by Doom Harry)





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