Magnum, Neonfly at Rock City (2014)

Rock City (Nottingham, England)

Magnum, Neonfly
  The classic 80's band MAGNUM finally get round to playing Rock City, Nottingham on […]
By Emily Coulter
April 28, 2014


The classic 80's band MAGNUM finally get round to playing Rock City, Nottingham on their huge European tour promoting their new album ''Escape From The Shadow Garden'' and the group still has their youthful talent with them. Accompanying them throughout the UK are NEONFLY who sadly got most of their gear stolen the night before but it didn't get them down when they played a mind blowing exciting show for the crowd. MAGNUM and NEONFLY are bands that certainly know how to get a crowd going with both new and old songs.


NEONFLY pounce on Rock City's stage with each member running all over the place with the excitement of playing the show. Vocalist Willy Norton has vocals which are so high pitched you could accidentally misplace for a woman if you weren't directly watching them, but his super high vocal range and impressive stage act which could envy the best of vocalists is perfect for this band, guitarists Frederick Thunder and Patrick Harrington continuously pull out riffs which please the crowd in minutes whilst Boris Le Gal and Paul Miller are performing heavy bass beats. The London rockers played a mixture of new and old songs which fans old and new enjoyed to the full. NEONFLY sadly had most of their equipment stolen before their rock city show but it certainly didn't put them down and the show must go on, it's certain that the band are set for a lot bigger things and nothing will stop them on their journey.


1. Intro
2. Ship With No Sails
3. The Enemy
4. A Gift To Remember
5. Better Angels
6. The Revenant
7. The Ornament
8. Spitting Blood
9. Heart Of The Sun
10. Morning Star


Finally on the stage after lots of readjustments, the timeless Rockers MAGNUM roll onto the stage after a shaky introduction. To warm the crowd up they play fan favourites such as the thrilling Rocking magnet of''Live Till You Die'', spiritually inflaming ''Les Morts Dansant'' and the blissful ''Freedom Of The Day'' which makes the new and old fans happy in the mixed crowd.  Bob Cately, the longstanding frontman of the band, is full of energy, even at old age as he walks around the stage messing about with every member of the stage show whilst waving his arms around with every lyric of the song he's singing. There's no stopping someone like him, so energetic and full of spirit that it was just astonishing to watch, when he's been in the music world for so long. The rest of the night goes on without a hitch with classic Rock fans rejoicing in every corner of the room when each song is played, it seems MAGNUM simply cannot disappoint. No doubt a band that should be savoured for the book of Rock and classic Metal, it would be silly to just sit around and not purchase their new release right away.


1. Live Till You Die
2. Black Skies
3. Freedom Day
4. Dance Of The Black Tattoo
5. Blood Red Laughter
6. Unwritten Sacrifice
7. How Far Jerusalem
8. Les Morts Dansant
9. Falling For The Big Plan
10. The Spirit
11. All My Bridges
12. All England's Eyes
13. Vigilante
14. Kingdom Of Madness
15. Too Many Clowns
16. Sacred Hour

Overall the show is a hit and was smooth sailing throughout, however, I believe that it could have been much more packed if it would have been somewhat cheaper at the door. Also, with the attendance that it had, it could have been played in much smaller venue. On the other hand, and truth be told, MAGNUM have plenty of life in them yet and show no signs of retirement and I am glad that they took over the newcomer NEONFLY, which are only just starting their path to success, simply a great support to have on tour.  

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