Lacuna Coil at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (2005)

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (Glasgow, UK)

Lacuna Coil
After relentless touring and hard work, which has seen them play with a huge range […]
By Chris D.
October 28, 2005

After relentless touring and hard work, which has seen them play with a huge range of bands from Gothic metallers Type O Negative, through to Christian rockers P.O.D, as well as a place on the Ozzfest, Italy's Lacuna Coil embarked on their first-ever UK headlining tour. Sold out weeks in advance, the much-anticipated shows, billed as "An Evening With Lacuna Coil", promised to be a special occasion, with an acoustic set to accompany the main headlining show.

The band took to the small stage to a heroes welcome, from the packed crowd who had waited patiently until 9 pm for the beginning of the show. As they launch into "Aeon", it is clear that those who worried that an acoustic set wouldn't have the desired effect needn't have worried. This is a band who have gained in confidence and stature through their years of live experience and nothing was going to stop them tonight. At the end of the all-too-brief acoustic set, which featured interpretations of five of their classic songs, they depart to rapturous applause.

The main set was always going to be the most eagerly anticipated part of the show and the band certainly did not disappoint. Opening up with the stunning "Tightrope", which got the proceedings off to an excellent start, there is no doubt that Lacuna Coil are on top form. Surprisingly, we are also treated to two new songs, "Antonio" and "A2", which are both set to appear on their forthcoming record. If these are any indication of where the songwriting is heading, then "Karmacode" will be their heaviest album yet, with their pounding riffs and groove-based vibe.

As it was their first ever UK headlining tour, it would have come as a surprise to many older fans (including myself, as a fan for almost seven years) that they focused so heavily on their most recent LP "Comalies" and completely neglected their first full-length album "In A Reverie". This one minor complaint aside however, this was a momentous occasion and one which serves as a testament to a fine band, who have found their own way in the scene through sheer grit and determination...

As the band left the stage at 11 pm, you couldn't help but feel that it was over too soon. It is always a sign of a good show, when a band leaves you wanting more. So here we have it: proof, if ever it was needed, that these small-time musicians from Milan, Italy have finally conquered the UK and done so on their own terms. Now they leave us eagerly anticipating the new record, with the promise to return to the UK again as soon as time permits. Don't miss out!

Acoustic Set :

01. Aeon
02. Swamped
03. Senzafine
04. Unspoken
05. Heaven's A Lie

Electric Set :

01. Tight Rope
02. Self-Deception
03. A2 (*new song*)
04. Humane
05. To Live Is To Hide
06. Swamped
07. Entwined
08. Half-Life
09. Antonio (*new song*)
10. Heaven's A Lie
11. 1:19
12. When A Dead Man Walks
12. Daylight Dancer

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