Kiss, Cinder Road at Terra Vibe (2008)

Terra Vibe (Athens, Greece)

Kiss, Cinder Road
Can you really believe that the hottest band in the world has been offering a […]
By Yiannis Zervos
May 18, 2008

Can you really believe that the hottest band in the world has been offering a mixture of Rock 'n Roll and the most awesome show to their loyal fans all around the world for 35 years?

35 years with multi-million dollar record sales, dozens of hits and even more wonderful rock songs! In USA, KISS are like an institution, a magnificent piece of the poor American culture. After touring every corner of the world, after a bunch of farewell tours, after 35 years KISS finally came to Greece.

The Greek KISS Army members are over the top anxious for this gig and have bought their tickets the first day of their release; the rest of the Greek rockers did not share the same feeling so there has been some rumors that the show would be canceled due to the low pre-saled ticket numbers and due to the poor promotion by Did Music.

Finally, the day had come; the Terra Vibe venue was ready to offer hospitality to all the KISS-painted faces, the beautiful ladies and the old school rockers. CINDER ROAD came on stage at 8 o'clock and they offered a nice dose of Rock with a strong performance. I didn't get to watch them to be perfectly honest, because I was entirely focused on the KISS merchandise kiosk. With my 3 KISS t-shirts and 3 Thayer picks in my hands, I noticed that CINDER ROAD ended their set and everything was ready for the gods to climb the stage.

We waited for the sunlight to fade, and the familiar voice screamed Alright Athens, you wanted the best you got the best, the hottest band in the world...KISS. Explosions, fires and Deuce riff kicked in. The blinding lights and the bright KISS logo behind the drum riser appeared. I had the feeling that I was inside in one of my live KISS DVDs. Paul waves to the crowd and the crowd goes mad, he puts a pick in his tongue and the girls are going nuts. Stanley thanked the Greek audience for waiting 35 years to see KISS live saying You are like a family to us and you are the family we've never see. The figures with the wired uniforms, the painted faces and the platform boots are rockin' still, and the menu included almost every KISS stage trick. Tommy Thayer soloing with a mirror guitar spotting the reflecting light on the crowd while fireworks coming out from his guitar headstock. Simmons spitting blood and flying in the air, giant flames, fireworks, explosions, Paul Stanley's guitar cut in half and millions of white confetti pouring on the crowd as everybody screamed I wanna Rock 'n Roll all night, and party every day. A wonderful Rock party is what the KISS concert is all about. A feeling that we just didn't want to stop and amazing images were printing in our DNA for life.

It's in the Greek temperament to question everything. I had a major sense of relief that I managed to watch KISS live, a thing that we tented to believe would never happen. In small talks I heard things like: Stanley couldn't sing, They didn't have the full show, the volume was down, Thayer's solo was laughable (well the last one is true). People what is the matter with you? We watched KISS in their 35th anniversary tour. Do you really expect Stanley to sing like he used too? The KISS show remains the best in the world, the rest of the European countries are sold out while the Greek gig had 8.000 loyal and heroic KISS maniacs. That is why KISS will never return. (Despite Paul Stanley's promises that they will be back next year).

After the gig the promoters didn't even think that we had to find our way through the forest, in total darkness, to our cars and we had to pretend that we are Jack, Sawyer and Kate in another LOST episode. Someone in Didi Music apparently thinks that we are some kind of trackers.

To sum up, KISS came to Greece for the first time in their 35 years and we felt something wonderful, we witnessed the ultimate rock show that only this band can offer, the hottest band n the world...KISS, no other.

KISS setlist:

01. Deuce
02. Strutter
03. Got To Choose
04. Hotter Than Hell
05. Nothin' To Lose
06. C'mon & Love Me
07. Parasite
08. She + Tommy Thayer solo
09. 100.000 Years + Eric Singer solo
10. Cold Gin
11. Let Me Go, Rock & Roll
12. Black Diamond
13. Rock and Roll All Nite

14. Shout It Out Loud
15. Lick It Up
16. Gene solo + God Of Thunder
17. I Was Made For Lovin' You
18. Love Gun
19. Detroit Rock City


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