Handful Of Hate, Devathorn and more at An Club (2007)

An Club (Athens, Greece)

Handful Of Hate, Devathorn, Abyssgale, Obduktion
This live event was organized by Metal Defiance, one ancient Greek fanzine. Taking the opportunity […]
By Yiannis Doukas
October 28, 2007

This live event was organized by Metal Defiance, one ancient Greek fanzine. Taking the opportunity by this, I want to send thousands of hails to this 'zine and any other 'zine happened to appear in this planet from heavy to black, 'cause their existence not only helped but still helps the underground scene. Making a fanzine demands toil and moil, deeply honest devotion in metal. Sure, I know that many are shity, just egocentric narcissistic reflections of somebody's wanna be something nothingness but this has not any sense. If the underground bands are the bones of the metal skeleton, then fanzines keeps them looking an alloy.
OBDUKTION started this live and for about 45 minutes bombed the audience (about 50 people, unfortunately) with their death metal, which is well-worked and with enough personal touch. They played songs from the upcoming album that they have recorded and now are in search of a company for its release, plus a cover of the T–shirt band that their vocalist wore (AMON AMARTH). Nice vocals, impressing headbanging from the rhythm guitarist and a band that has continual development, if I compare them with older appearances. I'm waiting for their album.

Afterwards, ABYSSGALE were on the stage playing a 30-minute set list with songs from their The Coming Of Plague EP, opening with the The Sighs Of Decay. It's a young band full into black metal; good enough I would say. They also played Process Into The Abyss with a killer break mid–tempo riff coming from the respective of BEHERIT or ARCHGOAT, and it's a shame it has little length! The sound wasn't good, especially on guitars (I couldn't 'understand' the Infected Wind Of Creation). I prefer their appearance as the support act in IMPALED NAZARENE, but the band was sympathetic.

DEVATHORN is another new Greek black metal band with a D.I.Y. album called Diadema and they are mainly into Scandinavian regions. I had heard the self–titled song from a compilation of a 'zine and I liked a lot. So, I was curious to see them in their gigs. Cool band, nice live appearance (the makeup was terrific!). I guess I have to listen to their album.
Some minutes before midnight and the Italian blacksters HANDFUL OF HATE were starting to make my ears bleeding. By far, the best band in this live, not only for their music but also for the non–stop headbanging and their horny playing. They gave everything they had. Who are they? Their start is back in 1993 while their first demo came out in 1995 - if I remember well - named as Goetia Summa. They have also released four full–length albums. The music description is not so easy for me to make it.

Oh, their last recordings have something from the horny black of IMPALED NAZARENE with an EMPEROR old riffing (old, not the crapish last albums) together with melodic easy ideas like MARDUK and the sado feel of NECROMASS. The older recordings had more satanic or occult aura; the recent are more prevent. With a playlist from The Slaughter Of The Slave – Gods of the Hierarchy 1999 to the last one Gruesome Splendour, they (of course) gave more emphasis to the last one by playing songs like Used To Discipline (not the best moment in the album), Livid (killer song), Grotesque In Pleasure, Rotten In Vice (the first riff is great, yeah!) or Tied, Whipped...Educated (perfect!). From the Vicecrown album we heard songs like I Hate, Beating Violence, Vicecrowned Order plus covers on BOLT THROWER and a very nice one on The Horny And The Horned of the mighty IMPALED NAZARENE. Nice presentation upon the stage, very good band. We will return with more of them soon in Metal Temple. Beware!

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