Gwar, The Casualties and more at House Of Blues (2010)

House Of Blues (Chicago, USA)

Gwar, The Casualties, Infernaeon, Mobile Death Camp
It was a really windy evening in Chicago causing many delays in the freeways and, […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
October 26, 2010

It was a really windy evening in Chicago causing many delays in the freeways and, adding the fact that the show was to start at 17:30 on a working day, one can understand that there was no time for lunch after work. The ridiculous curfew of 21:30 set by the mayor of Chicago forced this great inconvenience all the metalheads had to face in order to watch the mighty GWAR. Of course, the face to face interview with Oderus had to be re-scheduled because there was no time…

Nevertheless, we entered the extremely nice venue as the first supporting band was already on stage in front of about 50 metalheads who made it, despite the insane early start (to hell with the curfew again!). MOBILE DEATH CAMP had the difficult task to warm the gathered faces and if possible make them forget about the time issue. Their pumped up Speed/Thrash did not make much sing it sounded most of the time flat. There was not a specific character for a new listener to hold on and get into the trio's music. There was energy onstage but nothing more. The THIN LIZZY cover was the only song I can remember and MOBILE DEATH CAMP didnot treat that right and were kind of lost somewhere in the middle. So, the 30 minutes they spent onstage seemed way too long for my ears… sorry guys!

It was clear on the stage crew's faces that everything had to prepared right on time, since the ridiculous time limit was hanging above their heads. So, the timetable was followed precisely, having the stage ready before the announced time that INFERNAEON would show up. This band from Tampa, Florida plays something between Death and Black Metal that actually sounds cool. The guitar were extremely good in spitting out the fast as hell riffs supporting the Black Metal blast beats, while maintaining a solid ala OBITUARY rhythm section. Brian, the singer of the band, was restless onstage and most talkative explaining his beliefs against all organized religions in a really hostile way. Of course, that caught my attention and consequently my support! Despite Brian's short talks, INFERNAEON did not loose time and gave a solid performance with "Into The N.O.X.", "Ziasudra", their hit "Sleeping God". They also added a cover on METALLICA's "Creeping Death" that found many supporters especially during the chorus lines. Overall, INFERNAEON did well and woke us up after the indifferent performance of the first band.

THE CASUALTIES were the last openers for the 'Scumdogs Of The Universe' and the gathered punk-heads in the front rows gave me a heads up for them. As it seemed, they had a strong fan-base in Chicago and I have to admit I enjoyed watching the punk looks that is so missed from the current Metal gigs. So, again with a sniper's precision, the New York act got onstage after the intro featuring ACCEPT's "I Am A Rebel". While this track was getting at the end a stage crew member brought the band's banner while the trademark marching sounds welcomed the band who lost no time and hit us in the face with the less than a minute "Casualties Army". THE CASUALTIES started their show in full throttle and literally there were no prisoners! The sing along "We Are All We Have" took everyone inside the club into a time travel when Punk was pure, rebellious and full of anger against society. There was nothing rehearsed and the band members just played the simple chord song with a driving mood waking everyone in House Of Blues. The band took advantage of the given time and packed 16 songs inside the 45 minutes. Ok, each song lasted less than 2 minutes but there was no talking or posing at all. Jorge Herrera sung or, to be more specific, spitted out the lyrics with THE EXPLOITED attitude wrapped around the RAMONES aesthetics, while Rick Lopez (bass) and Jake Kolatis (guitar) had their share in singing, while jumping up and down to the up tempo groove. The band did a RAMONES cover on "Blitzkrieg Bop" saying that was the first Punk group of US. I cannot talk about the gig's highlights since THE CASUALTIES kept the interest in high levels and on top of that gave many good reasons to form heart mosh pits with a lot of action. Hell, I liked "Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes", "Made In NY", "Media Control" and the closing "Unknown Soldier". Absolutely amazing supporting band, check them out!


  1. "Casualties Army"
  2. "We Are All We Have
  3. "War Is Business"
  4. "Tomorrow Belongs To Us"
  5. "Criminal Class"
  6. "Without Warning"
  7. "Rise And Fall"
  8. "Enemies Of Society"
  9. "Apocalypse Today"
  10. "Looking Through Bloodshot Eyes"
  11. "Static Feedback And Noise"
  12. "Media Control"
  13. "Heart Bleeds Black"
  14. "Made In NY"
  15. "Riot"
  16. "Unknown Soldier"

There was absolutely time to delay and hence the stage preparations were fast and the lights went out as planned. The two BLACK SABBATH songs were part of a rather long intro that did not seem to affect the gather GWAR-riors who were really pumped up for this show. And then, two guys dressed something like zombies made an appearance obviously as a part of the trademark beheading's intro. It was funny to look the photographers in the photo pit wearing raincoats while most of the fans (especially in the front rows) in their best white t-shirts all waiting for the following 'bloodshed'. Having a previous experience in the photo pit watching GWAR I did not use any protective gear in my camera so, I had to be a little more cautious.

Oderus came onstage with the rest of the 'Scumdogs Of The Universe' with a broadsword in hand and we all knew what was about to follow. So, during the opening notes of "Horror Of Yig" the heads were off and blood started pouring to the ecstatic metalheads. It was insane I tell you and the photo pit became a large puddle of artificial blood making all of us looking like war correspondents. Of course, all the actions was focused on Oderus and his trademark outfit and the hanging testicles… "Damnation Under God" came next without pause and it was time for some blood looking crowd surfing. During this song I started worrying about the sound that came out rather confusing having the bass guitar on top of everything.

It was obvious that GWAR were in a bit of a rush in order to fit their show in the short time given (did I mention how this curfew sucks?) and did the first string of tracks with no pauses. Unfortunately, my initial suspicions about the sound became certainty when I got out of the photo pit (soaked in blood) and got into the middle of the arena where everything sounded with more bass that needed. And for this I did not enjoy to the maximum the killer "Let Us Slay" and the headbanging rhythm section. It was just a shame since the latest GWAR albums are more guitar based with enhanced Thrash attitude. In a week or so there will be the midterm elections in the US and GWAR could not but to include some relevant slaying… The victim for this was meant to be Sarah Pailin who 'showed up' smiling and waving like it was a political speech. Of course, the GWAR slaves also showed up and gutted spilling liters literally everywhere; but that did not spoil her smiling…

There were many onstage 'atrocities' and in some extent they made forget about the confusing sound. Hell, I could not enjoy the vocals and most of the hilarious and caustic short speeches of Oderus. But, I did manage to listen to his non that friendly talk about Lady GaGa. She also made an appearance that night 'wearing' lavatory pan while her face was smarmed with something like shit, while more blood was pouring out of her tits (priceless!). In another moment, Oderus simply added "Avril Lavigne is a whore"

If you leave aside the sound problems, GWAR did exactly what they are famous about; performed their Punk/Thrash wrapped around their stage happenings that also featured a dog sodomy, a battle between two monster (don't expect from me to remember their names), the classic blood cannon and their song hits like "Bring Back The Bomb", "Salamanizer" and the closing sing along "Sick Of You". The new tracks "Zombie March" and "Beat You To Death" -where Beefcake the Mighty did the singing- from the soon to be released "Bloody Pit Of Horror" sounded great and it would have been way better if the guitars had a louder profile.

The end of GWAR setlist found the metalheads looking blood soaked, exhausted and definitely happy having watched and participated in a way to this gig. I was also satisfied but not that enthusiastic due to the time duration, the really tight schedule and the aforementioned sounds issues.

GWAR setlist:

  1. "Horror Of Yig"
  2. "Damnation Under God"
  3. "Hail, Genocide"
  4. "Let Us Slay"
  5. "Vlad The Impaler"
  6. "Decay Of Grandeur"
  7. "Techno's Song"
  8. "Crack In The Egg"
  9. "Maggots"
  10. "Bring Back The Bomb"
  11. "Metal Metal Land"
  12. "Artic Snow"
  13. "Beat You To Death"
  14. "Salamanizer"
  15. "Zombie March"
  16. "Sick Of You"

(photos by the 'Salamanizer')



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