Grand Magus, Audrey Horne and more at Backstage (2014)

Backstage (Munich, Germany)

Grand Magus, Audrey Horne, Zodiac, The Vintage Caravan
  I begin this review with a confession: It has been ages since I last […]
By Erika Kuenstler
March 20, 2014


I begin this review with a confession: It has been ages since I last went to a Rock concert, mostly due to my predilection for Extreme Metal. And so with expectations of a tame night out I went to the Rock Revelation Tour showcasing GRAND MAGUS, AUDREY HORNE, ZODIAC, and THE VINTAGE CARAVAN. I return from a fantastically fun night humbly reminded that there is a reason behind the expression "to party like a rockstar".

First up on stage on stage was THE VINTAGE CARAVAN, a trio of young guys who looked barely old enough to be of a legal drinking age. Having formed the band eight years ago when they were just twelve years old, this Icelandic triad was here to kick it old school. It was not only great to see that the torch of Classic Rock has been passed on to a younger generation of clearly highly talented musicians, but it was also refreshing to see pure Classic Rock performed with the zeal, energy, and exuberance of youth. With their new album "Voyage" being recently released the band played several songs off of this album, such as "Cocaine Sally", but also performed older tracks. All in all, these guys really did a stellar job of getting the crowd into the swing of thing.


But if THE VINTAGE CARAVAN brought the Classic Rock, ZODIAC made sure the audience got plenty of Blues Rock with their set. This German Heavy Rock band was well received, having the home-ground advantage. With their recently released second full-length album "A Hiding Place", the setlist contained one crowd-pleaser after the next. The fact that a band formed in 2010 can already have such a big following is testament to their musical prowess, with their veteran experience being evident in their good stage presence.


1. A Bit of Devil
2. Free
3. Blue Jean Blues
4. Moonshine
5. Coming Home


Penultimately, the audience had the pleasure of being blown away by AUDREY HORNE, one of the most popular Rock 'n Roll bands around today. And with their performance, these crazy Norwegians proved that they are worth every bit of hype flying around "Youngblood". AUDREY HORNE had a special surprise for the audience, unveiling two new songs from their upcoming album. The first of these, "Gravity" is a highly catchy song with a slightly grungy feel to it. With just one listen, I can already predict that this is going to become one of their well-loved anthems. The second new song is entitled "Rock". Although not bad, it seemed somewhat generic and bland in comparison to the other songs performed during the show; but then again, it can also be revitalizing to take things down a notch sometimes. Possibly my favourite moment of the entire night occurred at the end of their set when the vocalist jumped off-stage, and carried on singing as he walked through the utterly thrilled audience. The two guitarists and bassist clearly thought he was onto something, and soon joined him in the crowd, who soon engulfed the band, cheering wildly.


1. Redemption Blues
2. Bridges and Anchors
3. Youngblood
4. There Goes a Lady
5. Pretty Little Sunshine
6. Cards with the Devil
7. Gravity (Premier performance from forthcoming album)
8. This Ends Here
9. Rock (From forthcoming album)
10. Threshold
11. Blaze of Ashes
12. Straight into Your Grave


AUDREY HORNE certainly put on one hell of a performance, with few bands being able to top such a show; but then again, GRAND MAGUS isn't just any band. With this Swedish trio having just released their seventh full-length album "Triumph and Power" at the beginning of the year, their setlist naturally contained a sizeable collection of tracks from this release, as well as other tracks from the album "Iron Will" onwards. Unfortunately, nothing pre-2008 was played, but this was soon forgiven thanks to the phenomenal performance they put on. With their thundering Heavy Metal and Hard Rock anthems, GRAND MAGUS had the crowd singing along and banging their heads throughout their set, leaving a well content audience in their wake. For anyone still undecided about whether or not to go watch this tour, do it! You really won't regret it.


1. Conan
2. I, The Jury
3. Sword of the Ocean
4. Hooves of Gold
5. Ravens Guide
6. Like the Oar Strikes the Water
7. Drum Solo
8. Steel versus Steel
9. Valhalla
10. Iron Will
11. ARV
12. Triumph and Power
13. Hammer of the North
14. Ymer
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