Gojira, Code Orange and more at O2 Academy (2017)

O2 Academy (Leeds, UK)

Gojira, Code Orange, Car Bomb
  One of the best tours of 2017 so far hits 02 Academy Leeds, GOJIRA […]
By Emily Coulter
March 16, 2017


One of the best tours of 2017 so far hits 02 Academy Leeds, GOJIRA bring the ''Magma'' tour to Yorkshire with bands CODE ORANGE and CAR BOMB opening the stage. Announced in 2016, this is one of the most hyped about tours from the moment it was posted, something every metal head was talking about. There's something on the bill tonight if you're a hardcore fan or a death metal fan and that is why everyone is so excited for this tour.

The venue might not be packed out yet but the loud and heavy sounds of CAR BOMB are luring people inside faster. CAR BOMB's sound is musical collision of bands MESHUGGAH and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN; loud, aggressive and bone shattering yet based with their own unique sound. By halfway through their set there's an angry pit in the floor motivated by Michael Dafferner's growling vocals and Greg Kubacki's groovy riffs. The band has certainly got everyone in the mood for some very heavy metal by blowing the crowd away despite a short set, CAR BOMB have certainly gained an ever-growing fan base from these shows and are on the war path to impress anyone who will listen.


Next is Pittsburgh band CODE ORANGE, who are the musical equivalent of being kicked in the face but in a good way. Playing a loud & crushing set featuring songs such as ''Bleeding In The Blur'', ''Slowburn'' and ''Forever'' which certainly impressed metal heads who were apprehensive of the band being on the tour. It's impossible to deny that CODE ORANGE are one of the best live bands to exist, fuelled with passion and anger making their show an unmissable event. Drummer Jami Morgan is vigorously drumming whilst doing vocals at full force and guitarist Reba Meyers is proving how girls are a force to be reckoned with in metal, running all over the stage yet still pulling off great live vocals.


Finally headline band GOJIRA hit the stage to a roaring packed venue, the band are louder than ever opening with ''Only Pain'' followed by ''The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe'', ''Silvera'' and ''Stranded'' to get the crowd headbanging. Drummer Mario Duplantier is still proving why he's one of the best drummers in modern metal, nonstop fast beats in time with Joe Duplantier who is roaring on the vocals to new and old tracks.


Despite the tour being in support of the newest album, the setlist comprises of tracks from past and present which makes old fans and new more than happy especially with songs like ''L'Enfant Sauvage'' which has everyone in the venue screaming along. GOJIRA always play the loudest shows and leave the crowd satisfied yet hungry for more, yet again they have dominated Leeds.

1. Only Pain
2. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
3. Silvera
4. Stranded
5. Flying Whales
6. The Cell
7. Backbone
8. Terra Inc.
9. L'Enfant Sauvage
10. The Shooting Star
11. Toxic Garbage Island
12. Pray
13. Oroborus
14. Vacuity

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