Firewind, Stormwarrior and more at The Rock Temple (2008)

The Rock Temple (Kerkrade, Netherlands)

Firewind, Stormwarrior, Kiuas
Once again in a very good mood, and with the company of Bob Katsionis' new […]
By Ada Goudriaan
November 9, 2008

Once again in a very good mood, and with the company of Bob Katsionis' new CD Noemon, I got in my car to drive more than 200 kilometers to see FIREWIND, KIUAS and STORMWARRIOR. Noemon is the Greek word for thinking being. Bob gives us 12 instumental songs with -of course- lots of keyboards. Althoug keyboards are not my cup off tea there is a lot to enjoy on this album; it only needs a chance to develop. Plenty of guitars with some big names that made a contribution. Jeff Waters needs no introduction and I'm proud to announce that our own Marcel Coenen from SUN CAGED (by the way, their third album is coming out soon) is showing his talent. This album is made with passion and it's very suitable for the fans of heavy and melodic Metal. You also find humor on this album, just listen to the last song hahaa.

So, I was in Kerkrade, a small town in the south of Holland, a few minutes from the border with Germany ( can't go any further, isn't it?). The Rock Temple was a music cafe before Eternal Rock Promotion took over and reconstructed it into a rock podium. It doesn't show from the outside but inside it's a comfortable place and the staff makes you feel very welcome. The opening was on the 17th of October of this year with room for 300 people.

It was funny to see that the people who were waiting before the closed door were the same people I met at the gig in Tilburg 3 days ago. All 8 of us were standing at the front row again so the bands saw the same faces again hahaa but it's great to connect with the bands.

Again KIUAS started the show and it's a shame that there were only about 20 people in front of the stage. This seemed to bother me and the woman next to me more than the band because they started full speed ahead and with great enthusiasm. From the new album The New Dark Age they played The Decaying Doctrine and Of Sacrifice, Loss And Reward, followed by Of Ancient Wounds from Reformation. And from The Spirit Of Ukko they treated us with Ukko, the melodic Warrior Soul and finally Across The Snows. On my left stood guitar player Alex from STORMWARRIOR and it seemed to me that he had a great time and that he was warming up for his performance. Fortunately, more people came from behind (yes, there is the bar) and joined us during this show. Way to soon the Finnish frenzy ended.

Time for German metalheads STORMWARRIOR (okay, bass player Yenz is from Denmark). Even without a soundcheck they started in top gear with golden oldie Sign Of The Warlord. The guys treated us again with a dose of Power Metal with a Nordic touch. Fortunately, this time vocalist Lars sounded good in the mix. And then came the soundsman and asked: can you play less loud?.'s Metal and that should be played loud...not? After the show the soundsman explained to me that the sound was good at the front but was not optimal in the back. From the new album Heading Northe they dazed us with Metal Legacy, the dynamic Ragnarok, Into The Battle and the title track. From their remaining albums they staggered us with Heavy Metal Fire, Thunderer, Odinn's Warriors and Iron Prayers. Recapitulated, it was an infectious show and left us hungry for more.

Time again for The Greek Road Warriors (starting again with the almost seven minutes enduring intro to fire us up for another intimate performance).

Apollo had seen a doctor and he_we were very pleased that his voice sounded much better then in Tilburg. He still must be careful not to overload it, the tour is still long and there are more fans who want to hear him. That's also the reason why the set was relatively short, only 1 hour and 10 minutes (this is the only point of criticism I can think of). They have so many wonderful songs to choose from. This is fuckin' music with eternity value! I had the pleasure to hear FIREWIND two times earlier, in October 2006 and April this year, with Apollo in 'optima forma' condition. I dare to claim he is the Geoff Tate, Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson of this era.
Again we were left stupidified by an awesome show from five friends who had a lot of fun onstage. Great solos, big smiles and it all seems to go very smoothly. In Tilburg Apollo mingled in the crowd enduring the last song and I don't know what the ladies there did to him but this time he stayed safely on stage. Now he took over Gus his guitar and tried to play.

There were only 50-some tickets sold so this felt not like a concert but more as a private party. It was really a memorable evening. After the show I had a long talk with Bob and one of the things we spoke about was the new Live Premonition CD_DVD. The boxset contains 2 live CDs and the DVD from the show recorded on January 12th 2008 at the Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki, Greece and you MUST see the documentary Tales of the Greek Road Warriors. You can really accuse those guys of having a great sense of humor. By the way...Apollo you look great in a towel!!!

For STORMWARRIOR it was the last show of this gig and they had to go back to Hamburg the next 6 o'clock in the morning!!! Alex, Lars, Falco and Yenz had a great time and a lot of fun during the tour. Drummer Falco didn't have a problem to go home and the reason is few months old and she has a irresistible smile and big blue eyes.
After this tour they will start to write new material and I can't wait to get my hands on that. Thanks for everything guys and I look forward to see you all again. Just before 1 o'clock in the morning we all said goodbye and again I drove with a sough in my ears and in the company of Noemon back home.

P.S.: There is one thing I need to get of my chest and that is about an article from a professional reporter who writes for an acknowledged Dutch metal magazine (my favorite). You always write fair and good reports, even if you don't like the music, disagree with the band members, ask critical questions and that's all okay. Why was this interview a personal attack?

(photos by Ada Firewoman Goudriaan)




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