Exodus, 3 Inches Of Blood and more at Klubben (2008)

Klubben (Stockholm, Sweden)

Exodus, 3 Inches Of Blood, Carnal Forge
Sometimes it's hard for a band to live up to their own standards. CARNAL FORGE […]
By Erika Wallberg
August 30, 2008

Sometimes it's hard for a band to live up to their own standards. CARNAL FORGE have gone through a few line-up changes the last couple of years. Singer Jens C Mortensen didn't stay long and has been replaced by Peter Tuthill. Peter is perhaps as good a singer as Jens but he's not as fun to watch. Also, the split of the guitar-brothers Kuusisto feels a little strange. I guess it can take a while to get used to a new line-up. Especially when it's not as good as it used to be. CARNAL FORGE have always been an extremely good live-band and for any other band this gig would have been great too. It wasn't just CARNAL FORGE standards. Ok, for starters the sound wasn't on their side at all. It all felt very flat and way too massive. It was sorted out after a few songs but after 25 minutes that's way too late. But for what's it worth, something happened during the last two songs Godsend God's End and I Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard) and all of a sudden it was pure brutal CARNAL FORGE standard quality again.

As difficult it is to label 3 INCHES OF BLOOD's music it's just as hard to judge what they're playing just by looking at them. My first guess would have been Florida Death Metal or perhaps some Desert Rock. Not at all adrenalized Old-School Heavy Metal with some Thrash influences! Sure, their outfits draw towards Germany with the patched west's but they still have the good taste of not using spandex. Could that be the Canadian version of it all perhaps? But looks aren't really that important. Klubben's small stage was absolutely beneficial for 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, it felt really tight and just as intense as the music. Ok, they still have a bit to go to reach greatness as a live-act, visually that is. I sure wouldn't mind a little more interaction between them all on stage. They have some of for free already with the double vocals, even now when the harsh parts were handled by guitarplayer Justin Hagberg. But they still could have pushed it a little further. Nevertheless this was a really great experience and it beat 'Wacken' ease.

This summer I've managed to see EXODUS on a small festival stage, one mid-size, one huge and now on a quite small Club stage. Would the change of venue and conditions alter my impression of EXODUS? Well, they were still the same great band, ÏŒber-tight and truly inspired to play. Maybe this extra energy came since it was the last date of the tour because it was actually a little better this time than both 'Headbangers Open Air' and 'Wacken'. Mainly due to the intimate atmosphere Klubben gives but that too is something to weigh in into the whole experience. Singer Rob Dukes didn't feel as distant as at 'HOA' and not at all as aggressive as at 'WOA'. But he's still a really scary bastard and feels a little misplaced among the others. Vocally Rob is a little too aggressive also even if this event gave him a bigger chance to shine. I don't mind his voice in the songs from Shovel Headed Kill Machine or The Atrocity Exhibition but that voice don't match as well with the classics. But in a few songs he sounded really great, a lot like Steve Zetro Souza and for me that's nothing but great. Of course he should have the freedom to create his own style and vocal lines for EXODUS's new material but if he could do the old ones more in the style of Paul Baloff or Souza he would absolutely get better response. He can, he proved that at Klubben! So why don't just do it?

As this was the last date on the tour 3 INCHES OF BLOOD were invited up on stage for Piranha and everything turned into complete chaos. I don't think the sound was the problem, more not really synchronized performances on stage because the outcome of the speakers was nothing but a great rumble. It was complete chaos but absolutely hilarious to watch. Then that half the song was sung by Cam Pipes didn't make it less hysteric. But after that little daytrip everything went back to normal and tight as EXODUS always is. The ending with War Is My Sheppard, Toxic Waltz and Strike Of The Beast were one hell of a trio, and absolute great ending of a concert (and a tour).

(photos by I Am In Command Erika)




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