Enforcer at Bryggeriet Metalclub (2009)

Bryggeriet Metalclub (Sandviken, Sweden)

The winter don't really want to let go just yet, so it's good it's warm […]
By Erika Wallberg
March 21, 2009

The winter don't really want to let go just yet, so it's good it's warm and cozy inside Sandbacka Bryggeri because outside the temperature was creeping down below zero one more time. And to stir up the heat a little more SAINTS & SINNERS took the stage by force around 9pm. Yes, there's a reason why they're not mentioned in the title and I won't say much more about them since they only served a bunch of Metal Classic, none the less with a lot of grace.

The real deal for the evening was ENFORCER and with their gig at Bryggeriet Metalclub intimacy got a whole new meaning. Ok, the front of the stage is packed with 4-5 people since it's a very small club but I've never seen anything like this before. The crowd was more or less on stage and the band was absolutely more in the crowd, still with their feet on the stage though. The fun thing was that ENFORCER looked perfectly comfortable with this arrangement and behaved like they were playing a major arena. They also looked more settled with this compared to the slightly bigger stage at 'Metal Merchants Festival'. Nothing could really bother them and I can't say that I've seen a Rickenbacker neck sticking out through 3-4 lines of banging Metalheads. That Joseph Tholl still was able to play sure is a mystery, but he did. It was also really funny to see the rest of the band treating the stage like they played at an Arena, changing formations and positions on stage. How the hell they managed that without any major damages to themselves, their instruments or the stage is also a mystery. You probably need to see it to believe it, both how damn small the stage were and how ENFORCER actually performed on it. Of course, the prerequisites to create a perfect sound at Bryggeriet aren't all the best but it all turned out fairly decent anyway. There was one annoying feedback and so on but I guess that's more rule than exception at a place like this.

ENFORCER served songs from their debut album, On The Loose and Scream Of The Savage got the absolute strongest response. All and all Bryggeriet has a capacity of about 100 people but I'm not sure I would want to be there if it's absolutely packed. It was very close though and the condensation was dripping from the roof after ENFORCER's gig and the fact is that the venue isn't very hot to start with. It was an absolutely crazy night that unfortunately was over a little too quick. I could absolutely have taken a few more songs from ENFORCER before the party began for real.

(photos by Into the Night Erika)


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