Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation and more at The Underworld (2014)

The Underworld (London, England)

Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation, Dendera
As much as I love Melodic Metal it can often be a hit and miss; […]
By Charlotte Whittingham
May 25, 2014

As much as I love Melodic Metal it can often be a hit and miss; the miss being that the tunes can all sound similar, with no real variety, so it becomes boring. This was not the case however when I was treated to a mind-blowing night of it headlined by the almighty EDEN'S CURSE with equally brilliant support from TAINTED NATION and DENDERA.

I first arrived at the venue appropriately named The Underworld for the very first time to find people already queuing before the doors opened so they could secure that much needed spot to see their idols. There was certainly excitement and eagerness in the air as I was taken away to interview EDEN'S CURSE.

Upcoming Portsmouth Metal outfit DENDERA had just started playing whilst I was interviewing the headliners. I had seen DENDERA a few times in the past and I must admit I was never overly keen on them before, often likening them to a long boring version of IRON MAIDEN. I was however impressed with their performance on Sunday night; they certainly improved their sound and stage presence this time. They provided us with fantastic melodic metal containing killer guitar solos and riff.  Ashley Edison's vocals also shone through tremendously. DENDERA were overall the perfect choice to kick off this enticing evening of Melodic Metal.

TAINTED NATION were up next to show London what they were made of. From what I understand vocalist Pete Newdeck is the former drummer of EDEN'S CURSE but I was glad to see that didn't affect the choice to pick them as the main support. They proved to be the impeccable choice for the main support as they pretty much had the crowds at their feet from the word go. Their amazing melodies featuring some excellent guitar work and powerful vocals brought fellow Metal band DRAGONFORCE to mind. I admired Pete Newdeck's charismatic stage presence immensely as he kept his crowds entertained throughout the set, even when there were technical difficulties he carried on like a true metal showman. With a variety of metal tunes that made me smile, they certainly proved to be my perfect kind of Melodic Metal.

With the appearance of headliners EDEN'S CURSE looming I was anxious; TAINTED NATION were a tough act to follow. My anxieties however were swept away when the instrumental "Symphony Of Sin" was heard on the system, they provided the introduction I certainly won't be forgetting anytime soon.

The set EDEN'S CURSE provided encompassed many emphasises that made the performance all worthwhile. These included the infectious energy that had the crowds under their thumbs; their energy was so evident that they even had some fans rocking out at the back of the venue, which was certainly a first. Another highlight being guitarist Thorsten Koehne entering my list of top guitarists in Metal after witnessing his skills as he shredded unique solos and riffs that were completely out of this world. Judging from members of the crowd practising air guitar I am adamant in thinking that these guitar riffs and solos will be becoming Metal classics. Vocalist Nikola Mijic really did himself proud as he belted those singing chords that filled the venue, this live show certainly showed off how versatile his range was and this left me mesmerized.

The set list consisted of an eclectic selection of songs from the beautiful, enchanting single "Evil & Divine" to the liberating "Wings To Fly" this show had everything you could possibly have wanted to make the perfect live performance. "Angels & Demons" allowed the devoted fans one last mosh before marking the end of an astonishing show.

Talking to fans after the show I was very surprised and delighted to hear that some people travelled thousands of miles to catch their idols play. These included fans from South Korea, Canada and Japan; it was touching to see how much seeing and meeting your idols meant to them. It also reassured me that the Metal scene would certainly be kept alive and kicking by its loyal and dedicated fans.


1. Symphony Of Sin
2. Break The Silence
3. Trinity
4. Fly Away
5. Just Like Judas
6. Great Unknown
7. Turn The Page
8. Jerusalem Sleeps
9. Thorsten Guitar Solo
10. Time To Breath
11. Rock Bottom
12. Fallen From Grace
13. Wings To Fly
14. No Holy Man (feat. Doogie White)
15. Unbreakable
16. Judgement Day
17. Evil & Divine
18. Angels & Demons

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