Dio at Astoria (2004)

Astoria (London, UK)

This is the final show of the 'Master Of The Moon' U.K. Tour by none […]
By Paul Chapman
August 14, 2004

This is the final show of the 'Master Of The Moon' U.K. Tour by none other than the legend himself, Ronnie James Dio. Now there have been many line up changes with Dio's band over the years but after tonight's performance I personally think this line up is the best, with no disrespect to Jimmy Bain (ex bass who left to pursue solo interests), the addition of Rudy Sarzo (ex Whitesnake, Quiet Riot) adds an extra air of electricity to tonight's proceedings; he commands the stage with so much more presence and enthusiasm. Craig Goldie also made a very welcome return to the fold and it was a joy to see him back at what he does best, Simon Wright's drum solo also needs a mention for those of you who have never witnessed this before, he drums along to what I think was Mozart's 8th symphony (I may be corrected - classical music ain't my strong point).

Tonight's set was a real stroll down memory lane, as early as the third song the band roared into the old Rainbow song Stargazer which send tonight's crowd into a frenzy, which if that wasn't enough to send everyone's pulse racing they soon follow it with Gates Of Babylon which included the most awe inspiring keyboard solo by Scott Warren you're ever likely to see.

They played a few new numbers tonight from the forthcoming release, Master Of The Moon" (The Eyes being the one that really stood out) which I have to say fitted right in there with a lot of the other 'classics' such as Rainbow In The Dark, Holy Diver, Mob rules and Last In Line. Then just as you thought it was safe to maybe pop into the bar to get a refill when the lights went down, they powered into the awesome We Rock! We were treated to three encores tonight, the final one being Neon Knights.

This was a truly memorable show from one of Rock's greatest frontmen and if tonight's sold out show is anything to go by the future for Dio right now looks like it could go on for many more years. And let's hope so…

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