Devil You Know, Butcher Babies and more at The Lost Horizon (2014)

The Lost Horizon (Syracuse, NY, USA)

Devil You Know, Butcher Babies, Era, Armed With Valor
DEVIL YOU KNOW, fronted by former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE vocalist Howard Jones, had the Lost Horizon […]
By David "Capt. Fury" Garlow
May 14, 2014

DEVIL YOU KNOW, fronted by former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE vocalist Howard Jones, had the Lost Horizon shaking and rocking last night along with the energetic and talented BUTCHER BABIES. The evening was opened by locals ERA and ARMED WITH VALOR that unfortunately I was not able to catch (I'll make it up to you guys). Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies made a point to mention how impressed she was by both bands.


BUTCHER BABIES are well known for their wild antics onstage, last night the band really let the music shine through with an energetic performance that had the house roaring for more. They like to jump and the crowd was more than happy to jump right along with them. The twin vocal attack of Heidi Shepherd and Carla Coates is really a powerful force to witness as they seamlessly worked in tandem singing and in working the crowd. What is usually lost in all of these reviews is that the band is solid and talented. Guitarist Henry Flury displayed a more polished presence on the strings while the combo of bassist Jason Klein and drummer Chrissy Warner laid down the law. The band has toured like mad and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon, they are a must see live. The band had great fan interaction as they got up close and personal onstage and off at the merch table immediately afterward. Butcher Babies have indeed arrived.


The time was now for DEVIL YOU KNOW who claimed the stage, and the fans, with their high-octane heavy metal set nearly bringing down the ceiling. No one would have cared as chants of 'Howard!' rained down to the stage to which the former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman responded with "What?" Fans and the band had a good laugh as Jones worked the crowd like the pro he is. He even encouraged people to go pick up the bands album and joked about some people getting it free on some piracy websites stating "cheap bastards" and the place erupted in laughter yet again. Jones never stood still as he paced the stage covering every inch of available space. He is re-energized and it shows. It was just awesome to hear his voice and see him live again; the fans fed off his and the bands energy yet they drew from the crowd as well. DEVIL YOU KNOW brings some pedigree as Howard Jones (ex- KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED frontman) is joined by Francesco Artusato (guitarist with THE FRANCESCO ARTUSATO and ALL SHALL PERISH), drummer John Sankey (DEVOLVED, FEAR FACTORY, DIVINE HERESY), bassist Ryan Wombacher (BLEEDING THOUGH) who is the other voice heard in synch with Jones, and guitarist Roy Lev-Ari.


They delivered a blistering set of their songs and the guitar work was incredible with some wickedly delicious leads. These guys are insanely good but off the charts great live. 95X and The Lost Horizon dropped another killer show on Syracuse and I look forward to more from them all summer long. Go pick up DEVIL YOU KNOW new album "The Beauty Of Destruction" in stores or online today and be sure to catch them blow a stage up near you soon.
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