Dark Nova, Wolfcry and more at Blue Live (2007)

Blue Live (Athens, Greece)

Dark Nova, Wolfcry, Betrayed, Crimson Fire
Two days before the real Christmas and the conjectural birth day of little baby Jesus, […]
By Yiannis Zervos
December 23, 2007

Two days before the real Christmas and the conjectural birth day of little baby Jesus, was the day that the Blue Christmas took place. On the new live stage Blue Live and with a line-up of famous names such as DARK NOVA and WOLFCRY along with New Greek metal blood like BETRAYED and CRIMSON FIRE. Metal Temple was once again there to report back to the ones that didn't make the effort to support Greek Metal scene.

CRIMSON FIRE: I must say after the unfortunate result of Olympiacos FC that particular afternoon I was not in a mood for loud Metal music, but by the time I arrived on Blue Live with the useful instructions of Dimitris K. (be my guide), I realized that I managed to miss the entire CRIMSON FIRE's set. Sorry guys.

BETRAYED: About 200 people were inside the Blue Live club that is a big place with high ceiling, giant scaled stage and big walls for video projection. It was the first time that Blue Live hosted a Metal concert so the decoration was away from what we used to see in live stages. BETRAYED hit the stage full of energy and they seemed really happy to be there. Their music was a mix of METALLICA, plus PANTERA, minus MEGADETH. The crowd had a family atmosphere because in one way or another everybody knew each other so Nasos on vocals made small conversation with the audience. BETRAYED performed well and the future belongs to them.

WOLFCRY: From the people's reactions I understood that WOLFCRY's performance was a big thing for that night because they haven't played live for a long time and after some line-up changes, with one guitar player this time and Elias Koskoris appeared on stage for the fist time this evening. WOLFCRY play solid Heavy Metal with Power and Epic shades. Costas Hatzigeorgiou had the main stage presence and Andreas The Wizard Kourtidis on drums gave a steady rhythm as the leader of WOLFCRY.

The set list included song from the band's three albums Nightbreed, Power Within and Warfair along with some new songs and the cover of Hellion / Electric Eye, the classic JUDAS PRIEST song. WOLFCRY have a warm audience that is expecting their new studio effort.

DARK NOVA: During the break many people left because of the late hour. The main reason was that it took to long for DARK NOVA to get on stage because of an accident that the keyboardist Mary Tasouli had, during the band's set up on stage. Fortunately, it was nothing serious and DARK NOVA got on stage with Theodore Valavanis (ex-OVERLOAD) as the new singer and Elias Koskoris made his second appearance of the night. The talented guitarist proved to be up to the task of playing for two different bands. DARK NOVA have been more that 15 years on the Greek Metal scene and they played for about an hour. The set list included songs from their three albums The Dark Rhapsodies, 1999 (A Step Beyond??) and Sivilla along with three new songs and 2 covers, If I Could Fly from HELLOWEEN and Crash N' Burn from Yngwie Malmsteen.

The moment that DARK NOVA finished their set, 30 people were in the Blue Live club, the time was past midnight, Christmas Eve begun really Heavy for us. It was a cold but really Metal night, the bands gave their best and in spite of my spoiled mood I had a great time. Let us hope that the Blue Live venue will improve and will host more Rock and Heavy Metal nights like this.

PS: Special thanks to Vanessa (Soundforge Music Group promoter and BETRAYED lyricist) that provided me with the bands info and set lists.

CRIMSON FIRE playlist:
Burn The Ground
Soldiers Under Command (STRYPER)
White Christmas
Metal Is Back
The Prorhets Gaze
We Go
Born For Metal
BETRAYED playlist:
White Nights
Leave Me Be
Of A Man I Didn't Know?
Mankind Unrest
WOLFCRY playlist:
Once Again_Hesitant Gathering
Sons Of Gods
Payback Time
Honored Expedition
Holocaust Of Nothing
Electric Eye (JUDAS PRIEST)
The Golden Era
Fadin' Visions
Consequence Of Ignorance
The Dying Of Innocence
DARK NOVA playlist:
Come Into My Nightmare
Desperate Act
Kiss Of Judas (new song)
Flight To The Unknown
Eye Of The Storm
Lonely World (new song)
If I Could Fly (HELLOWEEN)
A Day After (new song)Sivilla
Crash N' Burn (Yngwie Malmsteen)



DARK NOVA photos

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