Crematory at Gagarin205 (2009)

Gagarin205 (Athens, Greece)

Failure... that's the word that comes up first to my mind, when I think about […]
By George Karagiannis
March 7, 2009

Failure... that's the word that comes up first to my mind, when I think about this gig. A big failure and responsible for this is the promoter.

Sorry, but in the middle of a world financial crisis, when in 8-days time there are also 4 metal events in your city and you have the most expensive tickets in the world you shouldn't expect much. Metalheads are not people living in luxury hotels, drinking champagne and drive fast expensive cars. Metalheads are usually broke idiots that give even their last penny for this music. So you can't expect them to afford 150 euros in a week...right? Also add to this that there are people still not aware of the concert happened and the fact that CREMATORY are not so famous now, like in the mid 90's for example and you get the picture of the concert.

100 people... can you imagine? I wouldn't like to be in CREMATORY's place even in my worst nightmares! What pisses me off more is that this band is one of the most friendly of all (read the interview for our mag for example), they are not playing the rock star act like many and consider that for 2 hours before the gig they were around the concert area with the few fans drinking and chatting with them! Sometimes (or ALL of the times?) you don't get what you deserve. Anyway, the situation didn't affect them at all but with a lot of energy and desire for pure fun they gave an amazing 90 minute set. They started with Remember and continued straight with my all time favorite Fly. The band seemed to enjoy it. Tick Tack, Greed and Pray made the club move a little bit. The sound was absolutely great... and that's something quite unusual lately.

The next song is from a record long-long time ago...called Illusions...back in many of you know this one? You know it? You girl right here in the front you know it...Oh you old are you? 16' God how old is your mother??'s Tears Of Time The all-time classic track shook the club and the band headbanged insanely. But there were more to come. Revolution, Time For Tears and the song the band dedicated to the ladies Kein Liebeslied.

During The Fallen track, the band decided to add some lines from IRON MAIDEN's The Trooper. You can imagine what happened! I was left speechless with their dark performance of Shadows Of Mine from back in 1994 ...Just Dreaming record. It's time for the encore...I Never Die... but...but what was going on? Guys from their crew joined the crowd and the band started an amazing medley of Raining Blood_Arise!!! Into the pit, baby! Imagine how the songs sounded with the brutal vocals of Gerhard Felix Stass, who is surely the cutest fat metal singer of all time!

Oh so you like cover versions right? Next one is something from the BROTHERS OF MERCY...hahaha...just a joke...SISTERS OF MERCY. Surprisingly Temple Of Love was the only bad-played song of the night for some reason, I really can't imagine, as it's a usual part of their set since 1997. In conclusion, it was a party-feeling gig. The few we were there had a great time with the band, not only with their music but with their whole attitude. They were teasing each other all the time and also they even shared their drinks and beers with the crowd!!! I would love to see them again in the future... but I really doubt it after all that. I mean, would you return to play, in a place where you couldn't gather more than 100 people? I don't think so...

THANKS TO: Greg (for not coming once again), Elina (for the arrangements), Dimitris (where the fuck were you,man?) and Katerina (for silly but sooo cute questions).

CREMATORY live in Athens Greece 7th of March, 2009

01. Intro - Mit Direktem Ubergang
02. Remember
03. Fly
04. Tick Tack
05. Greed
06. Intro - Klagebilder
07. Pray
08. Hollenbrand
09. Tears Of Time
10. Revolution
11. Intro - Resurrection
12. Left The Ground
13. Kein Liebeslied
14. Intro - Shining
15. I Never Die
17. Temple Of Love
18. Perils Of The Wind

(photos by the others)


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