Crashdiet, Cyanide 4 and more at Sin City (2010)

Sin City (Athens, Greece)

Crashdiet, Cyanide 4, Judgement Day, Riot Queens
The first band to hit the stage was RIOT QUEENS from Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, I only […]
By Caterina Zoi
April 24, 2010

The first band to hit the stage was RIOT QUEENS from Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, I only watched their last three or four songs. There weren't many people in there at the time, either. To tell the truth, I wasn't that impressed from this band. It was the first time I was seeing them live and my opinion is that they need to work more on their style. The sound wasn't that good and generally their performance was close to being poor but I believe that if they work more for this they will definitely make it.

After some time JUDGEMENT DAY showed up and I can say that they amused me pretty much. They played some challenging covers from bands like DEEP PURPLE, WHITESNAKE and Y. Malmsteen and I can say that their vocals were awesome. Maybe they have to work a bit more on the music but generally it was OK. Most of the people in there liked their show very much and generally I can say that this band was worth watching.

CYANIDE 4 was the last support band of the night. I've watched them live many times and they were again kick-ass as always. They played only their own songs, which I personally love, and as far as I'm concerned I'm not the only one. They have many fans and they are worth it 'cause their music is awesome. Some of the songs that they played were "Temptation Failed", "Wasting My Time", "FFL", "Cyanide" and "Midnight" and from what I saw everybody in the venue had a really good time. Great performance, great voice, great music…They were the best band to open for CRASHDIET.

Finally, CRASHDIET from Sweden, the pioneers (along with some other bands) of what they call New Wave Of Swedish Sleaze hit the stage. Unfortunately they had some problems with the sound and that caused a delay of 10 minutes. When everything was ready the show began…"Riot In Everyone" was enough to make the crowd go crazy. The sound wasn't that good but after a couple of songs it became better: "Like A Sin" and then "Breakin' The Chainz" and all the people seemed to have great fun singing and headbanging.Here I have to mention that Simon is a very good singer and ties with the band pretty well. Furthermore, he showed that he can sing songs from their first album really well and this is very important cause we all know that Dave Leppard (R.I.P.) was unique. "In The Raw", "Native Nature", "So Alive", "Queen Obscene/69 Shots" followed and the whole venue looked like a big party, not to mention the fact that every time they played something from their first album ("Rest In Sleaze" )the people in there were going lunatic.

And then…two more songs - "Rebel" and "Out Of Line" - and they were informed they can play just one more song which of course was "Generation Wild"…Here I have to blame the avenue, cause as far as I know it's not the first time that they stop a band while performing to open as a Club… For fuck's sake…The people in there - including me - paid some money to see this band and not only for 45 minutes…

To conclude: the live was awesome, the band kicked major ass, the people in there had great fun but it would be better if we were able to listen to e.g. "It's A Miracle" and a couple more songs that were in the setlist…

CRASHDIET setlist:

  1. "Riot In Everyone"
  2. "Like A Sin"
  3. "Breakin' The Chainz"
  4. "In The Raw"
  5. "Native Nature"
  6. "So Alive"
  7. "Queen Obscene" / "69 Shots"
  8. "Rebel"
  9. "Out Of Line"
  10. "Generation Wild"

(photos by Billonious, Kwstas Shikki, Mariliza)





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