Clutch, Bombus and more at 02 Academy Brixton (2015)

02 Academy Brixton (London, UK)

Clutch, Bombus, Greenleaf
  Wherever you may go there is always a safe haven for those who feel […]
By Lotty Whittingham
December 12, 2015


Wherever you may go there is always a safe haven for those who feel alone and isolated; in these places of sanctuary you feel a sense of community and enjoy the worship everyone around enjoys just as much as yourself. This case applied to when Maryland Hard Rock quartet CLUTCH took control of Brixton's 02 Academy in London town; from the moment you entered the building there was a sense of sanctuary and a sense of belonging. Alongside Swedish Upcoming talents BOMBUS and GREENLEAF there was nothing stopping them.

There was a venue change in the week, it was originally due to showcase at 02 Shepard's Bush Empire but due to structural problems it was moved to Brixton. In some ways was better as the venue was bigger meaning more ticket sales for the bands and for someone travelling from outside London it was a little easier to set out to.

Swedish born GREENLEAF were the first band to kick off the proceedings; their Hard Stoner Rock seemed to be winning over the crowds coming into the venue to fill up the gaps in the early stages of the show. Their show encouraged a lot of appreciation from the crowds with some head nodding and foot tapping here and there. Their hard hitting yet extremely serene melodies were a great way to start the evening.

Fellow Swedish Heavy Metal outfit BOMBUS provided a grand, sweeping ambience to the evening, their sound reminding one of fellow Swedes GRAND MAGUS. The all-encompassing melodies consisting of the blistering guitar work and the pounding drums seemed to win over their audiences considering since the majority of the audience might have been used to a more, laid back tone from the headliners CLUTCH who BOMBUS definitely got the crowds warmed up for.


CLUTCH are just one of those bands that doesn't need an introduction in the Rock and Metal community. The anticipation in the air was clear before they took to the stage especially when the front of house dimmed the lights when nothing was about to happen, this teased the crowds greatly.

The moment CLUTCH took to the stage the welcoming reception was more than overwhelming; they were in control that night and this was evident from the crowd's hanging onto the vocalist Neil Fallon's every word. Remember the mention of sanctuary and togetherness? There was certainly that sort of vibe during CLUTCH's set, this might sound weird but it felt like being a part of one of those gospel churches that uplifts you through the power of music.

CLUTCH wowed the audiences with their incredible live sound and their selection of songs from across their discography. This tour was promoting their latest album "Psychic Warfare" and they showcased some of the best of the record from the funky sounding "A Quick Death In Texas" to the flowing "Lady Of Electric Light". With the new material in the air it was relieving to hear some of the classics such as "The Mob Goes Wild" and "Soapmakers"; these were very well received, it was clear these were some of the tracks fans wanted to hear their idols play.


The night ended on a more than positive note with the encore showcasing "DC Sound" and "Earthrocker". CLUTCH are a band that every rocker and metalhead needs to watch live, it is honestly one of the most uplifting experiences.

*Photography by Chris Green

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