Children Of Bodom, Revamp at Teatro Las Vegas (2014)

Teatro Las Vegas (Bogota, Colombia)

Children Of Bodom, Revamp
  Sunday night, a time to rest, to think of the shit that life is, […]
By Jorge "Zarto" Zamudio
June 1, 2014


Sunday night, a time to rest, to think of the shit that life is, and to go to one of the best events made in this country, even if it's short on time. My girl and I went to a show made for both of us, although we like both bands in the stage, each one of us had preferences on one, She loves REVAMP, because she thinks Floor Jansen is one of the best singers in the Metal world nowadays, (and believe me, she is right about that), and then was I, waiting, for 14 years to hear CHILDREN OF BODOM, one of the bands that took me to the extreme side, and showed me more, not only darkness or Satanism, but that talent and melody can be done in a harsh way.


First REVAMP hit the stage, and as I was saying, I like Floor's voice, I am a big fan of AFTER FOREVER and NIGHTWISH, but REVAMP was totally new to me, and to be true, to many of the people who were there, but a talented band always comes out on top for the sake of their music, and that's exactly what happened here, there are very good musicians in this band, and then again: Floor, talking to a friend of mine, we decided she is the best vocalist in metal world, for the single fact that she can sings like an angel, then in a second, her gutturals comes out like a demon, and after 2 seconds, her soprano voice is on the stage, something very hard to believe if you do not hear that live, making her the best among many ones.


As for the set list my mind went back on time when "Energize Me" was played, many good memories came to me, and obviously the singing out loud for the crowd didn't held back for so long. In almost the end of their set, Floor told to the attendance that the Police (again instead of catching thieves, they came to bother an insane but relaxed people, only enjoying music) that the set will be cut short on both bands, for a permission not authorized, which really bother the shit of us, we were having a good time, but what the hell "that´s the law".

1. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: On the Sideline
2. The Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: The Limbic System
3. In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: All Goodbyes Are Said
4. Wild Card
5. Kill Me with Silence
6. Precibus
7. Sweet Curse
8. Million
9. Nothing
10. Distorted Lullabies
11. Head Up High
12. Energize Me (After Forever cover)
13. Wolf and Dog


REVAMP said goodbye to an audience, that even if they do not know them, were pleased by the show performed. And then my time has come, 10 minutes of waiting only, and COB hit the stage, the people went crazy, started to scream, push and jump (me in the middle of course), the energy was in the air, and all the waiting has been worth, although they started with 3 songs that I really didn't care much for, "Hate Crew Deathtroll" was played and my mind started to spin like in the old days, my screams were barely heard, but my throat was feeling them, "Lake Bodom" came right after, and that was the shit of it, their first album, their best song of that album, live in front of my eyes, an scenario barely real for a fan of the old days.


The songs keep falling like leaves, and among others you could hear "Are You Dead Yet?", "Hate Me", and "Downfall", but like I said before, The time was short, and after a brief encore, the concert ends with "In Your Face", giving all we had for the last time, The smell of the reaper was all the space, and the bittersweet sensation was livid on all the attendance, but what the fuck, we were present in a good show, where 2 bands full of talent and history gave all, and then again the Colombian public answered the best way we could do: Screaming like Hell.

Special thanks to Adriana Marquez for the given entrance, to mi girl for being there with me, and to Metal Temple, for making me the elders of the family and giving me the chance to do 2 of the things that I love, being in a metal concert, and writing about it

1. Sixpounder
2. Living Dead Beat
3. Halo of Blood
4. Hate Crew Deathroll
5. Lake Bodom
6. Dead Man's Hand on You
7. Are You Dead Yet?
8. Angels Don't Kill
9. Towards Dead End
10. Hate Me!
11. Downfall
12. In Your Face

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