Cannibal Corpse, Urkraft and more at An Club (2007)

An Club (Athens, Greece)

Cannibal Corpse, Urkraft, Disavowed
Saturday night. Most people are out drinking with friends, living the Saturday night fever and […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 3, 2007

Saturday night. Most people are out drinking with friends, living the Saturday night fever and generally having fun. Me and a friend of mine decided to have the best fun we could have by paying a visit to An Club to see one of the best Death Metal bands out there that still kick major ass, CANNIBAL CORPSE. The package contained two more bands that made the night even more interesting, since I didn't have the chance to listen to any of their releases.

After waiting for some time outside of the club, the doors opened with a delay of about half hour (or more, I am not sure). The Greek reality was there to remind us of what someone has to go through in order to watch a live show here in Greece. Anyway, the first band that hit the stage was DISAVOWED from Holland. The band was here (with a new drummer) to eliminate us with their relentless Grindcore stuff. Even though I knew the band, I hadn't listened to any of their releases so I don't know stuff like their setlist. The fact is that their set was incredible and did something more than just warm us up. The singer couldn't stop stage diving and crowd surfing. After they finished their set, he came down to talk with the fans and headbang with them. They actually showed how professional a band can be.

The next band was URKRAFT from Denmark. I didn't even know this band and I was curious to see what they could do on stage. These guys produce melodic Death Metal influenced by bands like DARK TRANQUILITY, GOD DETHRONED and HATESPHERE. I admit that they could handle the stage really well and the singer was screaming his ass off! The band showed that it was in a really good mood and even though their style was a bit irrelevant with the other two bands, they managed to attract the attention and even force the crowd to create a moshpit.

URKRAFT finished their set and it was time for the big stars of the night to get on stage and show how technical Death Metal should be played. We had to wait for some time since CANNIBAL CORPSE hit the stage with a small delay. Anyway, George Corpsegrinder Fisher and his mates grabbed their instruments and seemed ready for a night full of brutality. The first thing I would like to comment is not their set but their behavior. Some people were crowd surfing and when they were getting near the stage Fisher was pushing them away or was kicking. What the fuck guys? Is it so bad that a guy that loves your music is trying is expressing himself in a way that you, the Heavy Metal bands taught? Just calm down and respect people who paid 28 euros to see you performing live! It was more than obvious that many people had trouble understanding why did Fisher behaved like that!

Anyway, regarding their performance, CANNIBAL CORPSE delivered a hell of a nice show. As a bass player, my eyes were focused on Alex Webster. No one who hasn't seen this man performing live can imagine what this guy can do! They played Death Metal hymns like I Cum Blood, Fucked With A Knife, Covered With Sores and I Will Kill You. They also played many songs from their last two albums, Decency Defiedis a song that simply cannot be absent from their setlist. The strange thing is that the most classic CANNIBAL CORPSE song was not played, A Skull Full Of Maggots. To tell you the truth, the live was so great that nobody seemed to bother about it. They ended their set with the divine Death Metal hymn Stripped, Raped And Strangled and Make Them Suffer.

When such a great band performs live in front of your eyes, there are not many things to comment. Their level guarantees the quality of their live shows. I think that even though this was their fourth live appearance here in Greece, no true fans were absent, as well as won't be from any future live shows of this band. One of the best brutal and gore Saturday nights of my life! Keep your fists up high until their next brutal assault Death Metal maniacs!

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