Cage at Rock Temple (2009)

Rock Temple (Kerkrade, Netherlands)

It's very hard to see how people can look past CAGE. Some might be turned […]
By Erika Wallberg
May 21, 2009

It's very hard to see how people can look past CAGE. Some might be turned off because of their Christian background but it's just stupid to let that influence the judgment of the music. CAGE is as Metal as it gets and I'm sure Sean Peck will be called the new Metal God in the future.

Sure, his similarity in appearance with the present Metal God makes the comparison unavoidable especially in combination with his way of altering his stage outfits from song to song. These are very extreme and very much leather and studs most of the time really doesn't weakens the impression. But the main reason truly is his voice, his ability to scream and the aggression he forces out together with the music. Absolutely flawless, never the slightest floss or hesitation, just full on all the time and his charisma is so strong the rest of the band tends to be a little invisible behind him. The thing that isn't as convincing though with his whole performance is that he tend to look at the sides rather than screaming the crowd straight into their faces. On the other hand, if he did he would probably make the closest ten people go to the loo in the pants, at least while playing on stages like Helvete and Rock Temple. I don't doubt that perfection of the performances will come when they're on bigger stages and getting a real crowd that allows them to build real confidence.

In the bag CAGE had their steaming hot new release Science Of Annihilation which continues in the great CAGE spirit with high class US Heavy/Power Metal. Still, I find it so strange that a band that has gotten almost full score on at least their latest three albums still plays in small clubs. How the hell can a band be neglected by the Metal community like this when they deliver such high class music. Songs like Kill The Devil, King Diamond, Hell Destroyer, Christ Hammer, Wings Of Destruction or Scarlet Witch sure deserves full points in the reviews. The only difference with seeing it live is that these songs get even more intense and vibrant.

Ok, the attendance wasn't disastrous, they had a fairly decent crowd and quite good response off the same. But still they deserve a lot more. There's actually not much more to add. I probably could repeat most the things said about Sean for the rest of the band, besides the change of outfits of course. They all do the utmost to rock and all of them bring a lot to the show. There's no empty spaces on stage, no noticeable doldrums and they all sure deliver the same energy as Sean. But as I mentioned, Sean takes a lot of space and his gaze is absolutely captivating.

(photos by caged Erika)

CAGE @ Helvete

CAGE @ Rock Temple

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