Bolt Thrower, Suicidal Angels and more at Gagarin205 (2010)

Gagarin205 (Athens, Greece)

Bolt Thrower, Suicidal Angels, Inveracity
Harry: After a relaxing day from the Friday gig I was ready to watch the […]
By Harry Papadopoulos, Panos Pagonopoulos
May 30, 2010

Harry: After a relaxing day from the Friday gig I was ready to watch the truest bands of the death Metal scene: BOLT THROWER. So, after the 'where to park my car' delay I entered Gagarin205 and realized that I had missed the first two songs, from INVERACITY.

Harry: Their death Metal was not exactly my cup of tea and especially the vocals. But since this band is well known in Greece they have quite big fan base for the Greek standards. Some people say that those are one of the best death Metal bands from our country, but I cannot agree. Nevertheless, INVERACITY gave a good show. They managed to warm us up and their fans seemed to enjoy their appearance. That was a good choice for an opening act and I think thatt the fans of brutal death Metal shouldcheck out. If only their communication with the crowd wasn't so stiff

Panos: It was time for SUICIDAL ANGELS to take the stage. Their pure thrash Metal sound, which is close to KREATOR and SLAYER didn't exactly fit to the death Metal style of the night but their aggressive riffs and energy were enough to satisfy the death Metal fans in the Gagarin205. The Greek quartet focused their setlist on their latest release "Sanctify the Darkness" with some addition from their debut. They performed very well and the fans enjoyed them by creating mosh- pits in the club's "arena". Their 40 minute set ended with one of their most famous songs "Apokathilosis" during a couple of fans climbed on stage and stage dived. In the end SUICIDAL ANGELS left the stage in front of a crowded and sweaty Gagarin having satisfied the fans who were waiting anxiously for the headliners of the night…

Harry as war correspondent: The time was around 23:30 when the first bombs… eeeh notes from "The 4th Crusade" started "torturing", in a good way, our ears. The battle commenced in full brutal force. The headbangers lines were well organized and they had as an ally BOLT THROWER. You can't ask for something better! Even though the sound wasn't that good it improved after a while. The band was in a very good shape and we were ready for a great battle. The only trouble was that the venue was overcrowded and we squeezed like sardines. You couldn't even drink a beer or bang your head, because there would be casualties after hitting each other. Not that we didn't have some, since some girls and boys didn't stand the heat and the pressure so, they left the front lines and fall to the rear. Talking about the band's performance, I can't find any faults. The only problem was that the sound was from great in some areas of the venue to shitty to others. But that's a venue's problem… The crowd was active, (I even saw a guy with crutches doing crowd surfing!) but I was looking forward for bigger activity in the mosh-pit. Maybe the thing that Gagarin205 was too crowded didn't left any space for a proper one. And it would have been better for the security to be a bit more cooperative and leave some of the fans on stage for a stage diving.

In any case BOLT THROWER had a great time giving the command for attack (they even played "This Time It's War" that wasn't on their setlist), all the fans in the venue were ready for battle and even though in a battle there are casualties as I mentioned earlier, the war was victorious! The enemies of Metal should think twice after this show. Hope to see them again soon somewhere around the globe in another battle. From AthensGreece, Harry, METAL TEMPLE's war correspondent saying goodbye.

"As fire fills the sky
We once believed in life
Now time to die
…For Victory"


  1. "The 4th Crusade"
  2. "Rebirth of Humanity"
  3. "Mercenary"
  4. "At First Light"
  5. "When Glory Beckons"
  6. "World Eater / Cenotaph"
  7. "Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)"
  8. "When Glory Beckons"
  9. "Salvo"
  10. "No Guts, No Glory"
  11. "In Battle"
  12. "The Killchain / Powder Burns"
  13. "Pride"
  14. "War Rememberance"
  15. "…For Victory"
  16. "This Time It's War"

(photos by Harry)




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