Bloodshot Dawn, Infected Dead and more at The Black Heart (2019)

The Black Heart (Camden, London United Kingdom)

Bloodshot Dawn, Infected Dead, Becomes Astral, Tyrannos
The Black Heart, one of my favourite venues had an impressively deadly lineup on this […]
October 17, 2019

The Black Heart, one of my favourite venues had an impressively deadly lineup on this night; Retribution: Alive assemble BLOODSHOT DAWN, INFECTED DEAD, BECOMES ASTRAL & TYRANNOS - this menacing foursome deliver a gruesome dose of heavy-hitting Progressive/Melodic/Thrash/Technical Death Metal amalgamations. Having arrived about an hour early; I meet with a fellow metal maniac, and had a brief chat with the BLOODSHOT DAWN vocalist Josh McMorran who is a down to Earth and humble guy. I have seen BLOODSHOT DAWN a good handful of times now, and they always deliver the goods. So, to see them again is a massive pleasure on this immense lineup. While Josh looked fatigued and incredibly tired, that did not stop him in giving a killer metal show.

And so the time soon approached for the mighty TYRANNOS to hit the stage; a little bit before that though, I just had to check out the marvellous collection of merchandise on sale - everything was reasonably priced and awesome to admire. And so the time came for TYRANNOS to unleash their monstrously meaty representation of sonically seamless speed; rambunctious malevolence, and amplified adrenaline which fuses boistrously bouncy hymns with crunchy complexities.

Bonno Stobart on guitar/vocals shreds with rapidly swift nimbleness; thunderous roars that scream with raspy yet vicious momentum, while quaking with quintessential precision. Owen Padfield on the audible bass injects infectiously groovy thumps that pummel with pulsating virtuosity; solidified with punchline kicks, lacerating jumpiness & volatile vehemence. Parmahn Azad manifests with stompy rhythms; wild stimulation, and a barraged frenzy of flamboyantly hasty foundations of borderline grinds that pound with uproarious tempos. A brilliant opener that thoroughly surprised me; I liked the name, and everyone were really friendly after the gig. A great band who were definitely an awesome discovery, next up - BECOMES ASTRAL.

After a brief break; BECOMES ASTRAL storm onto the stage, conveying a hardened implementation of extremely intricate elements...forging creatively distinguished harmonies, fuelled with a comedic flair & concretely gnarly finesse. Cam "Shambles" Sharer on vocals demonstates deep grunts; venomous spits, and a distinctive fabrication of high-pitched lungs that yells with profusely organic substance. Layne Richardson on guitar embellishes on experimental detail; dominating with riveting yet razor-sharp snappiness, quirky potency & vibrantly ruthless pandemonium.

Liam Frith on bass gallops with rampent mayhem; revolved with striking oppression, meticulous skill & combustible firepower. And finally; Greg Carvalho on drums batters with primitive technicalities, slamming with scattering subjugation - another blistering addition to this groundbreaking lineup.

Those previous 2 bands were remarkably splendid; I had a blast going crazy with them, which earned themselves a new fan! However, another short wait with much anticipation for INFECTED DEAD to rage onto the stage...this band always grabs my attention with their intense blast beats; furious chugs, chunky instrumentation & toiling riffs that generate into a fierce firestorm of breakneck bombast with bulldozing blitzkreig. Lou Ede on vocals portrays rawly rough savagery; raging with throaty snarls, with tightened shrieks that are brutally barbaric & aggressively beastly. Duo guitarists Chris Rahman & Alex Brown established a consistent flow of trailblazing patterns, jarring maelstroms of strong panache & weighty talent. While powerhouses Martin Tang (on drums) & Nathan Hammond (on bass) demolish eardrums with robust styles that are immeasurably impactful.

And so with INFECTED DEAD leaving the stage; I enjoyed a helluva gig that left me wanting more, with yet another brief intermission and great patience - the headlinging act BLOODSHOT DAWN race onto the stage with their ritual onslaught of smothered melodeath qualities. 11 songs starting off with "Smokes & Mirrors"; they released an energetic but captivating experience that stayed true to the CD version, Josh McMorran on guitars/vocals articulates in a fashionably collateral formulaic of devilish havoc & diligent chord progression – persistently engaging on epic breakdowns & rumbling ultimatums that shake with prestigious proficiencies. "Survival Evolved" advances like a melodic meltdown of maddening proportions; Morgan Reid also on guitar forges a relentless range of rowdy yet thrashy remedies that excel fluidly with polished perseverence.

"Godless" brought fourth an explosive array of bludgeoning damnation; destroying souls with headbanging calamities, harnessed with wrathful vengeance & stunning songwriting memorabilities. Giacomo GastaldI on the rolling bass assists in a resonant soundscape of sulphurous prodegiousness, "Unified" unites an exemplified amount of rich magnitudes & magnetizes spirited enrichments, evolved with triggering pursuits that made me go a bit crazy indeed. James Stewart on drums hits his set with steely proximity; as "Shackled" enters the fray, rattling with more prompt reckoning...raising the roof with resounding yet warlike wickedness – with no slow times, nor anthemic ballads (chorus' perhaps) ...BLOODSHOT DAWN never fail in delivering mammoth skill while staying coherently accurate to the original source material.

"Quantum Apocalypse", "Black Hole" & "Consequence Complex" each equally comprised of enjoyably entertaining executions…acutely arranging intricate designs of promising performances that relished with rocketing succession. Overall concluding the gig with the finale 3 songs: "Seared Earth", "DNA Reacquisition" & "Vision" which were zestfully superb. BLOODSHOT DAWN certainly outdone themselves yet again with a brilliant exaltation of triumphant melodeath presentations; with that, the night comes to a close...and it was definitely worth the trip there despite my last train being quite early, but there's always an improvisation. All bands on this night were exceedingly entertaining, and Retribition: Alive also deserves credit for putting such a belter on - if you love extreme metal, you maniacs must keep an eye out for this promoter. Rock on!

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