Anathema, Sense Of Loss at Rodon Club (2004)

Rodon Club (Athens, Greece)

Anathema, Sense Of Loss
Wake up Theodore, get prepared. Tonight we'll be present at Anathema's concert in Rodon club…my […]
By Thodoris Pant
April 18, 2004

Wake up Theodore, get prepared. Tonight we'll be present at Anathema's concert in Rodon club…my chief editor's vicious voice said from the other side of the earphone. Goosebumps penetrated my whole body but then I just thought Hey man, it won't be that bad to have a bunch of goth ladies dancing around me!. As you apprehend I'm not the biggest Anathema fan and that wasn't indeed the way I had planned to spend my free time that Sunday (Damn it, I lost the football match!) but to be honest it went better than I thought and I have several moments to remember.
The support band, Sense of loss, is a Greek band, following the musical path led by Lacuna Coil, Gathering etc that stayed on stage for about 30' and left very good impressions even to the ones disrelated to the genre (*cough* *cough*). Clean sound, nice scenery presence, but nothing really special, I think they were a first class appetizer for the British quadruplet, which was undoubtedly the reason for the crowd's coiling that night.

An intro with Metallica's Orion !?!?! Well, not the most ordinary thing to expect from a band like Anathema but it worked out as it showed that a special night was about to come. The numerous problems the band had during it's performance (glitch micros that sometimes fell on stage, broken chords, drumming issues etc) didn't seem to discourage the band who were determined to recompense the lasting Greek love and support towards them. 2 hours and 10 minutes fully embellished by Anathema's well-known discography. Moments sentimentally charged, others intense others harmonic…but isn't this what Anathema's music is all about? The setlist was based on their last 2 albums, as it was prospective, but the fans had the opportunity to hear many of the band's past hymns.

It's kinda maddening to mention the sound's unevenness as it maters little to the fanatic ones, but I can't bear down the fact that the drums were deafening! For God's sake, we weren't attending a Cryptopsy concert! Uhm…enough with my oddities I don't want to be unfair over here, I admit not being a fan of their music but I cannot surpass their musical quality and offer. Overall, an appealing night with many climaxes and Vincent Cavanagh leaving the stage with the promise of a shake comeback. Anathema, as British, you'll be on time for your rendezvous, won't you?

[A small note from Yiannis: I am the Anathema fanatic around here but nothing was as important as that football match. Yeah, I know, I should be kicked in the groin and laughed at for loosing them over football. *cough* Vince, you'd better come back here soon and play at least half the Judgement. And please, not on the day of the match that will judge the championship. :)]

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