Alter Bridge, Volbeat and more at First Direct Arena (2016)

First Direct Arena (Leeds, UK)

Alter Bridge, Volbeat, Gojira
For anyone who likes Hard Rock, melodic vocals and just anything catchy but headbang-worthy, this […]
By Emily Coulter
December 2, 2016

For anyone who likes Hard Rock, melodic vocals and just anything catchy but headbang-worthy, this is a tour you'll be talking about. Earlier this year headliners ALTER BRIDGE released their new album ''The Last Hero'' and following that has come a triumphant UK tour of playing arenas to enthusiastic fans. Supporting ALTER BRIDGE on this venture are French metallers GOJIRA, who are currently riding high on their successful album ''Magma'' and Danish rockers VOLBEAT.

It is obvious from the battle jackets and long hair in the audience that there are a lot of fans here to see the almighty GOJIRA. Although band only have a small set on this tour but they're willing to prove how great they are by making it as mind-blowing as possible.


The band's setlist comprises mostly of songs from their newest release such as ''Stranded'' and ''The Cell'' but also fan favourites like ''L'Enfant Sauvage'', which get the crowd headbanging along. This show has most certainly gained the band a lot of new fans.


Next up is Danish group VOLBEAT, which are one of the most energetic bands around, not standing still once! The set was surprising to say the least; especially with bringing Barney Greenwood of NAPALM DEATH to do ''You Suffer''; something no one had expected.


Vocalist Michael Poulson gets the crowd singing along to tracks such as ''Lola Montez'' and new songs ''The Devil's Bleeding Crown'', ''Seal The Deal'' and ''Slaytan''. If you're looking for a band to be blown away by then VOLBEAT are a spectacle to watch.


Coming on to the stage to a roaring crowd of a packed out arena are headliners ALTER BRIDGE. The band opens up with ''Writing On The Wall'' to get the crowd pumped up for a hit filled setlist. Vocalist Myles Kennedy shows off his vocal prowess hitting high notes without a struggle, with guitarist Mark Tremonti also contributing some stellar vocals on ''Waters Rising'', which really adds darkness to the set.


The band have really prepared for a great setlist, mixing everything that fans love but still fitting in newer tracks that some may not know yet. Myles plays acoustic on songs such as ''Watch Over You'', which makes the audience melt. The night comes to a spectacular end with ''Metalingus'', ''Open Your Eyes'', ''Show Me A Leader'' and ''Rise Today'', leaving everyone at the show worn out from the excitement.


Writing On The Wall
Come To Life
Addicted To Pain
Ghost Of Days Gone By
Cry Of Achilles
Farther Than The Sun
Broken Wings
Crows On A Wire
Ties That Bind
The Last Hero
Waters Rising
Wonderful Life
Watch Over You
Open Your Eyes
Show Me A Leader
Rise Today

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