Alice Cooper, Whitestarr at Uptown Theatre (2007)

Uptown Theatre (Kansas City, KS, USA)

Alice Cooper, Whitestarr
As I have stated before in my previous reports, I am fairly new to the […]
By Ian Kaatz
August 26, 2007

As I have stated before in my previous reports, I am fairly new to the world of Metal so some of the older acts that everyone has seen so many times I have never gotten the chance to see. That is precisely the reason that I try really hard to see older acts almost over newer ones since lord only knows the last time that AC_DC or DEEP PURPLE are going to the U.S. extensively. ALICE COOPER also falls into this category; he even played several songs that I wasn?t aware the he played so that was a plus.

Unfortunately, WHITESTARR was opening which was another thing that I was unaware of. First and foremost they have a guy that just dances; that gimmick has already been done see THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES circa 1998. Second the music was ridiculously generic crap rock. Everything about them was mediocre from the guitar tone to their stage presence (which was them just being stupid on stage) to the singer having an awful range.

I am just going to be blunt: I was expecting ALICE COOPER to totally wow me with a great stage show and I was pretty disappointed with that aspect of the show. I was expecting more theatrics and more crowd interaction. While he did play a lot of classics like School?s Out and ...Frankenstein there are also a few songs that I was very impressed with, so if I had closed my eyes and imagined what I thought I was going to see then I would have been impressed. The song I was most impressed with was the last song he played which was kind of like a 4-part song, which had the actors_zombies I was expecting the entire concert, as well as easily the most complex song structures and heavy riffing.

Overall, I would say that it was a good concert but I wouldn?t say it is worth the price that he is charging for tickets, which were upwards of 70 dollars if you wanted first row (mine had a 30-dollar value). My friend that had seen ALICE COOPER 10 years ago was far better with a more much developed stage show, so that what I was expecting. It wasn?t because he wasn?t active since he was all over the place, but I was expecting more theatrics like I said earlier rather than running around with a cane.
P.S.: I want to give a big thanks to Terry Taylor at Hunt Industries for the tickets.

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